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WVA is a Sydney based video production company with 25+ years worth of experience in the media industry
These days; there are very few professional businesses who don’t have a website.

And there are very few professional websites that don’t have a video.

So it’s not a question of do I need a video… but how many do I need?

First impressions count

You only get one chance at a good first impression… Prospective clients who land on your page will make a snap judgement within seconds.

You need a professional, engaging and informative video that keeps your web visitors on your site for as long as possible.

With the ever-growing rise in camera and editing technologies; it can be tempting to try and save money by shooting and editing a video yourself. But unless you have the right experience, there’s a high chance that your clip is going to come out unprofessional looking. And when a prospect spots an unprofessional video, they assume your business is unprofessional as well.

Also; homemade video clips always miss the mark as far as engaging and informing your viewer.

What kind of video are you looking for?

It’s important to know that there is a wide range of options you can take when it comes to showcasing your product or service. WVA Media are experts in every genre of video and can discuss with you your options that will best suit your needs and budget.

Below is a list of the different varieties our clients usually use… often mixing one with another.

Location Shoot – a location shoot is where we shoot from a location of your choice. It can be at your place of work, in a park, on the street… where ever it takes to best broadcast your company’s message.

A lot of other video production companies will only offer a full day shoot when the job could have been completed within a half day. They do this for two reasons; to make more money and also to give themselves more wiggle room for external variables that could affect the shoot (bad weather, poor natural light, nervous interviewee’s, traffic noise, etc).

But with WVA media, we have the experience and know-how to be able to properly navigate around any possible roadblocks or problems that may arise. Because of this, we are able to save our clients money with half-day shoots.

And if the circumstances are right… we can save our clients even more with a two-hour shoot (conditions apply).

Green Screen Shoot –  a green screen allows you to super-impose any background you like. This type of filming is much easier than a location shoot because the whole production is contained and with less external variables that can affect the shot.

Green screen is perfect for situations where a client doesn’t have a suitable location to shoot from. It’s also great for ‘talking heads’ (head and shoulder conversations) or for when you want to create a customised background to match your branding.

Video Animation – This genre is great for businesses who prefer not to shoot video at all. Simply explain to us in detail your ideas and needs and we will put together a storyboard and script for us to further discuss… once we’re both on the same page, we get to work on the first draft and then submit it to you for approval.

Under the umbrella of animation, there are different types of genres you can choose from depending on your needs

Corporate animation – focuses more on animated effects and graphic overlays… but doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an absence of animated characters.

Explainer videos – are a type of animation with the sole purpose of explaining a complex narrative or a unique selling position. These clips are sometimes produced as a ‘whiteboard’ video (because the animation looks like its drawn on a whiteboard). When it comes to this type of video, we can customise anything to your tastes and needs.

3D animation – is a type of animation that is photorealistic in nature that moves as if it were real life. 3D animation is perfect for real estate projects where the building is yet to be finished… a ‘walkthrough video’ is able to give prospective clients a feeling that they are actually walking through a completed project. 3D animation is also perfect for showcasing new products in a dynamic fashion.

Talk to us about a genre that will serve its purpose best

There is a wide range of genres you can take, but the core purpose is to bring in more traffic and sales. So it makes sense to run with a type of video production that guarantees a better click-through-rate.

Whether you need video production in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, one of the greatest benefits of video is that once it is loaded, it is working for you 24/7 for 365 days a year. Although creating a business clip may seem daunting; a little effort or investment on your behalf will certainly bring fantastic advantages in the long run.


When considering video production, be mindful of these aspects:
1. Concept and Script Development

This is the very first step involved in the production. Once you approach a Sydney video production house, the very first thing they will send you is a fact-finding questionnaire of sorts. These simple questions are aimed at giving the company more insight into what it is you’re looking for.

Such as:

– Your style
– Your target audience
– Your message
– The length
– Your budget
– Your deadline and so on.

After you have passed all this information across, the next step is the script-concept development part. This is where your idea is broken down into a ‘frame by frame’ project. Animation, content and visual descriptions all come into play here. Everything is then polished to your liking before moving on to the next step.

2. Development of the design concept

This is where your script-concept ideas from part one come into major play. Producers base their design ideas on ideas discussed and agreed on in part one. Often, you will get more than one distinct design option to choose from based on your target audience and message. You can make changes here until you have the final draft.

3. Story-boarding

This is the part where comic book lovers will find most exciting. When ‘story-boarding’ your idea/concept is broken down into a frame by frame visual board filled with illustrations and graphics. What you see and agree on during this section is exactly what you will get in the final product. Your feedback is very vital in all of these steps.

4. Voice Over

This is where you get to choose the voice-over based on your specific preferences. You will get sample voice-overs of the whole project so that you can input your desired changes.

5. Production

Everything done from part I – IV culminates here. You will get a link to the final product for your approval. When it comes to the final draft; be sure to consider professional advice from your producer when it comes to editing. It often pays to lean towards your producer’s advice opposed to your own work colleagues or friends input.


It is no secret, you have to spend money to make money. And when it comes to production, there is a small amount of investment involved, depending on the quality of work and the final result desired. But what you need to remember is that this is an investment in your brand. You can pass the message across to your audience and potential audience in a much more effective way when you use online video.

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