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You may be wondering if online videos are the right form of media for your business. Whilst a few of the conventional methods are still in use today, innovations and technologies have generated more versatile options. Video marketing is the leading trend so let’s go over its advantages and why it benefits your website and branding.

There is a wide range of advertising approaches you can take, but the core purpose is to bring in more traffic and sales. So it makes sense to run with the genre of advertising that guarantees a better click-through-rate.

Whether you need video production in Sydney or anywhere in Australia, one of the greatest benefits of video is that once it is loaded, it is working for you 24/7 for 365 days a year. Although creating a business clip may seem daunting; a little effort or investment on your behalf will certainly bring fantastic advantages in the long run.


If you stop and envision the big picture it is not difficult to realise the advantages video has for your business in the long run.

Even if you are able to get dirt cheap print advertising, its lifespan is very short lived. Not only that, but it’s impossible to track and collect valuable marketing data.

When you use video, you can track your traffic and where your audiences are watching from. Not only that, you can see how many views your clip has had, and how long they are watching for (so you can adjust it then test again). When you understand some of these stats you can begin to target your demographics much better.

Picture yourself looking for a product or service on the internet. You have landed on the homepage – And you are confronted with a sea of text information. Now if you are in a hurry… (like everybody) What are you likely to do? Spend forever reading something that might not even be exactly what you are looking for? Or do you bounce off looking for a quicker, easier way to get the info you want?

Video provides a much better visual experience. You can see and hear the product or service being presented as well as the possibility of it being demonstrated.

Research has revealed (repeatedly) that video wins every time over text. Moving pictures are what we have grown up with, and what consumers expect to see.

The fact that video has become indispensable to online marketing is a given. This means that more and more businesses are looking into converting or creating more content centred around this medium.

Which raises a very pertinent question that most people only think about but never really go out of their way to find out the answer to; ‘how are online clips created and produced’?

To entrepreneurs looking to improve their brand’s popularity online with video, there are two options:

– Hiring a professional to do it for you. Sydney video production companies are experts at online clip creation. They combine their technical knowledge and creativity with your ideas and come up with a brilliant final product that puts the message across splendidly. Here is what goes into the creation and production process.

– Finding an online ‘Do It Yourself’ platform that allows you to create a clip without having to take videography lessons.

With these two processes, it is important to take into consideration which with option fits best for you. That is why we are going to take a look at what is involved in both of them.

When considering video production, be mindful of these aspects:

1. Concept and Script Development

This is the very first step involved in the production. Once you approach a Sydney video production house, the very first thing they will send you is a fact-finding questionnaire of sorts. This is simple questions are aimed at giving the company more insight into what it is you are looking for exactly.

– Your style
– Your target audience
– Your message
– The length
– Your budget
– Your deadline and so on.

After you have passed all this information across, the next step is the script-concept development part. This is where your idea is broken down into a ‘frame by frame’ project. Animation, content and visual descriptions all come into play here. Everything is then polished to your liking before moving on to the next step.

2. Development of the design concept

This is where your script-concept ideas from part one come into major play. Producers base their design ideas on ideas discussed and agreed on in part one. Often, you will get more than one distinct design options to choose from based on your target audience and message. You can make changes here until you have the final draft.

3. Story-boarding

This is the part where comic book lovers will find most exciting. When ‘story-boarding’ your idea/concept is broken down into a frame by frame visual board filled with illustrations and graphics. What you see and agree on during this section is exactly what you will get in the final product. Your feedback is very vital in all of these steps.

4. Voice Over

This is where you get to choose the voice-over based on your specific preferences. You will get sample voice-overs of the whole project so that you can input your desired changes.

5. Production

This is where everything gets a little complicated because it involves technical know-how. Many production companies use state of the art equipment (cameras, microphones, editing software and so on). Everything done from part I – IV culminates here. You will get a link to the final product for your approval. You also need to consider professional advice from your producer when it comes to editing. It often pays to lean towards your producer’s advice opposed to your own work colleagues or friends input.

Using ‘Do It Yourself’ Platforms

The beauty of technology is that it makes our lives much easier to execute technical tasks we would otherwise need a professional for. The world wide web, in particular, has opened up a myriad of endless possibilities to what people can do using new technologies. There was a time when creating a simple four-page website involved a whole team of software engineers and designers, plus a boatload of money. Today, there are platforms that offer you the opportunity to build your own website, your own logo, your own e-card. Now, with the great video quality of smartphones, you can create your own online clip. And these new editing platforms give you the opportunity to do all this, without requiring a degree in film.

When it comes to using ‘Do It Yourself’ platforms, the first thing you need to know is that the end product will be limited to the kind of tools different platforms offer you, the user. Although you can get a nice result, it won’t be professional quality. Which reflects on the professionalism of your site. On the other hand, these types of video are great for your blog or ‘vlog’.

The major disadvantage with this avenue is that you will not have the technical expertise and advice of a seasoned producer. As much as you may think that the final product is outstanding in your own opinion, there are certain aspects an amateur will not understand. That being said, you’ll still have to come up with the concept, the voice over and the final product. Which might not be as easy without a team of creative professionals by your side.

It is no secret, you have to spend money to make money. And when it comes to production, there is a small amount of investment involved, depending on the quality of work and final result desired. But what you need to remember is that this is an investment in your brand. You can pass the message across to your audience and potential audience in a much more effective way when you use online video.

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