Green Screen Video Services

What is a Green Screen video?

Quite simply, a green screen web video is when we film you in front of a green backdrop, and then later with the video editing process, we are able to remove that green colour and replace it with anything you can think of!

Green screen is ideal for creating multiple videos at once – as conditions are always perfect, there is less set-up time (getting the most out of the camera crew) and reading from the teleprompter is much easier.

It is also much more flexible with editing. We pride ourselves on our creativity and our ability to match the background perfectly to tie in with your branding and personality. Watch a sample green screen video below!



What’s Involved

  • On the day, you arrive at our green screen studios and we walk you through the whole process to make you feel at ease.
  • We spend around an hour with you.
  • Our producer gently guides you through the filming process with the use of a teleprompter (if you choose this).
  • We work with you to capture all of the footage that is required including the interview, product/pack shots, testimonials, demonstrations, training and more.
  • We tidy up and head off to our editing suite to put your video together.

What’s Included

  • All pre-production required including script planning.
  • All forms of video production, including 1 hour in the filming suite with lighting and audio.
  • Use of our teleprompters for easy and stress-free presentation.
  • Shooting of the product or service.
  • All post-production including all editing and up to two non-structural revisions.
  • Integration of your branding and logo.
  • Professional voice over (male or female in any accent) if required.
  • A wide range of royalty free music.
  • Public video hosting for greater brand exposure (youtube).
  • Private video hosting (if required).
  • Customised player to suit your branding’s colours.
  • An all-important Call-to-action at the end of the video which can link to your website, email or social media.
  • On-demand reporting to show you your view rate as well as details of who has watched your video, where from and for how long.
  • Video embedding for greater exposure.
  • Video heat maps to gain a better understanding of what is working should you decide to A/B split test.
  • Video transcripts to be used as blog content (if desired).
  • Private media sharing.
  • Video SEO to show up on the 1st page of Youtube results.
  • Video popovers and annotations.
  • Real-time analytics for greater campaign targeting.
  • iPhone/iPad compatibility.
  • Social sharing features and consultation for content syndication.