More & more business owners & entrepreneurs are opting for ‘explainer videos’ produced in an animated format

Why? Because it offers a bunch of benefits that traditional video production can’t compete with.


Shooting on-location carries risks

When planning a location shoot, there’s a lot to plan… and although the video producer shoulders most of the load; there are factors that the business owner needs to worry about.

Will the weather hold up?

Will my staff deliver their lines well?

Will noise pollution (beeping cars, construction noise, lawnmowers) compromise my audio quality?

Does the camera really add 5 kilos to my weight?

These factors are largely out of a producer’s hands… and if the shoot doesn’t go as well as planned, the producer has to do their best they can in the editing suite to resurrect the bad footage.

If a client realizes afterwards that they were having a ‘bad hair day’ – there is nothing a producer can do about it other than organizing a costly re-shoot.

It’s for this reason most production companies only offer a full days filming (rather than a half-day; so they have lots of time on their hands to ensure the perfect shot).


With animation; there are none of these problems…

Every aspect of animated media is customizable, with a wide range of styles and designs that can be edited to a clients liking.

Clients love this… It means they can rest assured that they have nothing to worry about.

That means when the first edit is complete; a client has carte blanche to suggest all the changes they want.
Animated media stands the test of time

A traditional video is susceptible to looking dated over time…

People age, staff member come and go… your storefront changes or you may need to change store locations altogether.

These factors can sometimes render your video useless or can look unprofessional. Which means you’ll probably need to delete the video and have another produced.

But with Animation – your video will still look as new as the day it was delivered.

Plus; we always have the project files archived just in case you need us to edit a different version or create something similar.


With animation; creative concepts are only limited to your imagination

Cutting edge software allows us to create anything that your imagination can come up with.

This allows us to deliver a complex narrative in an easy to understand manner.

And at the end of the day; properly explaining your unique selling position in a way that your prospective client will understand and remember is the whole point of the video.

This is crucial as most people have a very short attention span… which leads to the next important factor:


People tend to watch an animation for a little longer than a traditional video

Subconsciously, people are nostalgic when it comes to animation… As children; animation was our number one favourite for storytelling. And nothing captures attention better than a good story.

It’s for this reason people engage with animated characters, giving you a little more time to explain the important concept you’re trying to convey.

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