When it comes to production houses, next to none will offer a 2-hour location shoot

In fact, most of them won’t even offer a half day shoot. The reason being is because there are so many variables that can affect filming. A bad shoot means lack lustre footage for post production.

But if the production is more basic and straight forward, then some producers who have excellent videographers will offer a half-day rate.

Not only does Web Videos Australia offer a half day, but we now offer a special 2 hour shoot (this is only offered to Sydney residents at the moment)

But to apply for this special service, the customer must need to have simple filming needs.

Before the production starts, the customer must understand what is entailed.

A location shoot is exactly what it sounds like… a video shot on-location. Although it sounds very straight forward, there are many different variables that can affect the process.


When relying on natural light, the time of the day and subtle weather can drastically affect the shot. There are obvious variables such as an overcast day (if you needed a sunny day). But scattered cloud can weigh the day down as bright sunshine can turn overcast quickly (especially in Melbourne)… ruining the continuity of the shot. The only way around this is to commit to a full day shoot with extensive film lighting (which customers may not want to invest in).

Waiting for the sun to either disappear or reappear, will take its toll on the shoot time – eating into chances of different shots or valuable B-roll.


Wind wrecks havoc on audio quality. Sometimes the videographer will either have to get creative, or wait for the weather to subside.

Video Subjects

Many businesses will use employees or repeat customers to speak on video – but they forget that speaking clearly and confidently on film isn’t as easy as it looks.

If your video subject is nervous or non confident in front of a camera, it may take many shots to get something half decent to use. This also takes its toll on shooting time.

Another common problem is shooting testimonials. Since the video subject is doing another company a favour, they often want to get the shoot over quickly so they can get back to work. When posted with this problem, it takes expert direction to get the right shot as soon as possible.

When considering all these variables, one can now understand why there are often big price discrepancies with different video production quotes. Many producers are not willing to take any chances – so they quote for the worst possible scenario.

Because Web Videos Australia has some of the most talented videographers on our team, we are able to quote much lower.

Keep these variables in mind before considering a 2-hour shoot.

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