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Get more online exposure with a well crafted corporate video 

At the end of the day; we all want more online exposure for our business… and the most conventional way of getting that exposure is through corporate video production.

Whether you’re a small business or an international brand; we at WVA Media understand that your budget needs to stretch.

 It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a product video or an internal presentation video; WVA Media can produce a professional video for you that engages its viewers.

The most common corporate videos that we produce are:

Filming on-location: Depending on your needs and desired outcome; we can either deploy a single crew member to handle the filming, lighting, audio and direction (for budget-savvy productions). For these smaller shoots; we offer half-day rates… and in certain circumstances, we can even offer two-hour shoots.

Or, we can set-up a team that can handle a large-scale production. Whichever suits.

Green-screen productions: This is where we either use a green-screen suite at a location of your choice or we can set up a pop-up green-screen at your workplace or your desired location.


Green-screen shoots are great for situations where shooting on-location isn’t a convenient option. From there we can add any desired background or animated effects to make the shoot pop.

If you choose a talented team like WVA media; our excellence in lighting combined with cutting-edge software can make the production look as real-life as possible.

Testimonial videos: Written testimonials are nice… but most people don’t bother to read. That’s why a video testimonial is far more effective.

With this type of video; your viewer can see for themselves that the testimonial is sincere. This is near impossible to achieve through text alone. A video review can often be the last nudge a prospect needs to move them from ‘sitting on the fence’ to ‘pulling the trigger’.

Corporate animation: Also known as ‘explainer videos’ are a great way to inform your viewer without having to film anything at all.

After chatting with you about your objectives and desired outcome; we put together a storyboard animation and submit it to you for discussion… we then build on the concept we’ve created and work towards a first draft. We do all the heavy lifting – and you sit back and review our work until the project is complete.

Naturally; we can incorporate a combination of these different genres to achieve your objectives.



Contact us for a hassle-free quote and see for yourself that we can be beaten on price and quality.


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