Corporate Video Sydney

Corporate Video Production Sydney & Greater NSW

WVA Media works with a plethora of Sydney based corporate clients – with both large and small production budgets.

We’re well versed in dealing with multi-tiered management approval, and the process of following brand guidelines and standards.

We proudly stand by our commitment to upholding delivery deadlines.

With so many different genres of video; let us help you decide what’s best for you

You need not worry if you only have a vague idea in your head on what you want… It’s our job to pick your brains and come up with an attention-grabbing storyboard for you to look over and then discuss ideas.

You can choose from one or a combination of:

A location shoot

Our multi-talented camera crew can shoot where ever you like… we can be stealth if you want us to film in an active area (like a hospital or a factory) or we can set up a more complex lighting rig and take our time.

We offer half-day shoot options, and in some circumstances; 2-hour shoots.

Green screen shoots

We can then add in any background or tailored graphic overlay.
When you use experts like us; a green screen can give you an epic effect on a low budget. We can use a green screen suite or we can set up a mobile screen at your workplace.

2D animation

2D animation is another word for cartoon animation. This is often used for ‘explainer videos’

3D animation

3D is lifelike renderings. This option is perfect for product concepts, or product launches.
Or for real estate walkthroughs (for off-the-plan building projects). Simply give us your project drawings, and we’ll breathe life into them!

Slideshow video

Slideshow videos are a brilliant way to showcase your product in a big way without shooting any film at all! (and are the most budget-savvy).

Slideshow videos are a combination of pictures that have been spliced with animated effects, graphic overlay and combined with a voice-over of some cleverly written sales copy. If done well; many people don’t even realize they’re watching a slideshow.

We want you to just sit back and relax

Once we are crystal clear on what your objectives are for the video; we quickly get to work on the first draft…
You are more than welcome to suggest any further edits until you’re happy.

Now that your corporate video is complete – you can begin your product launch with confidence.

Contact us for a hassle-free quote and compare our quality and low prices with our competitors.
In case you’re still not sure about the importance of a professional business video here are a few points you need to consider

Humanise Your Business & Build Trust

Larger corporations need to be able to show a human side of their business. They need to show customers that they’re not ‘just another number’- the banking industry uses this angle all the time.

corporate video sydney

By having your employees featuring in your video; telling the company’s story, all while projecting to your prospective customers that you have their best interest at heart, then slowly – you will build rapport.

Make sure that your clients see the faces behind your brand. This helps them to attach a sense of familiarity with your company

Better rankings with the search engines

Ranking highly on search engines is a big factor for all corporate entities that are serious about online marketing.

Websites with videos embedded on them are 53 times more likely to rank higher on search engines than text-based sites

There are millions and millions of web pages all clamouring for a piece of the market. You could have one of the best websites in the world, but if you don’t have your website baited with video; then you’re not going to attract much interest.

Statistics show that people hardly ever pay any attention to the fourth or fifth page for most search terms. If you are ranking poorly for your associated keywords, then you are losing out on valuable leads. Google loves video content. More videos give your website a better chance of ranking highly – not to mention engaging your prospects for longer.

Increased Sales Conversions

Every company wants to increase its online sales conversions. That’s why corporations invest in video marketing. This is done by using clips that are engaging. By also making them informative, you can effectively influence the way your targeted audience spends their money.

Buyers often need more information before they decide to buy. By providing information in a way that is entertaining, trustworthy and comprehensive; your click-through-rates increase as well as sales.

Simple analytics will give you an insight into which section of your sales funnel that needs adjustments. From there you can amend it, and then re-test. That way, you can create a compelling video targeted at resolving customer pain points. As well as giving them peace of mind so that they buy from you.

Sales presentations on autopilot

A sales video is the best piece of mind you have. Once it’s completed, you can set it and forget about it. Then ‘rinse and repeat if needed’ for as many products or services your company may offer.

What is most important is that you start building up your collection of video media. This is so you are not compelled to ‘catch up’ with a large collection of content at once. Otherwise, your competitors will drift far ahead of you.

The fact is that once a corporate video is made, you can simply host and embed them and move on. From there, your clients will always be able to find that particular information whenever they want to.

The same goes for corporate training presentations. You no longer have to rummage through tons of debris in storage to find that old DVD. That for all you know it may be irreparably scratched.

Instead, you simply follow a link and you have your training content ready for use.

Go global with your business

The internet has made the world a much smaller place than it used to be. As we all know, it is standard to do business with clients from halfway across the globe on a daily basis.

If you want a piece of this international market, you have to start thinking global as opposed to local. By creating a compelling video that transcends every culture, you are essentially opening up your brand to the world.

Everyone who has access to the internet will be able to find and do business with you. Depending on how compelling your video is.

Do you want to compete with your global counterparts in the business world? The only way to do is to stay ahead of the curve. One of the best ways to do this is to have company info style video.

Your business video needs to be informative and interesting – along with being well produced.

There is no point in going through all the trouble of producing a video only to end up with something that does not reflect your professionalism.

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