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There’s no question that video has become a must for today’s business environment. And with good reason. The internet! We all are all ruled by our need for info. We all source our information online. And in today’s fast paced world, customers want their info quickly. Not by sorting through a sea of text. As we all know, video de-clutters and shrinks info into a personal and timely fashion. Giving people what they want as well as giving your website a professional look.

Every company needs to have professional corporate videos on their website for maximum impact and better sales. At WVA, we have the very best camera crew as well as the most talented editors posted around the country to look after all our client’s needs. Does your company need expert clip production? Do you want to take your service or product to the next level? Then get it right the first time around!


Corporate Video Production Brisbane & Greater Queensland

Stats have shown that people are more likely to pay attention to your message if it is brought across to them using video. Corporate clips are a great way of educating the millions of would-be internet searches about your service or product. As well as spreading brand awareness. By shooting a simple, straight forward and engaging film, loaded with useful info about your company, you stand a better chance of connecting with your users online. And most importantly – building trust. At least a much better chance against regular text with static images.

But corporate clips are not just made for marketing tools. They do have other uses.

These uses include:

Company Profile Video

This is one of the most common types of corporate clips made. Companies need an outlet to introduce themselves to the world. There is almost no better way of doing this than by the use of well produced corporate video. These are clips that talk about the company. The management structure. The corporate culture. Their mission statement. Their responsibilities. The company’s promise to its clients and so on. One of the best ways to connect with  potential clients is to show them that you are an open company that values their public image. Not only that, but it humanizes an otherwise faceless business. That way, people begin to identify a company’s brand. Once again, this builds rapport and trust.


Training or explainer clips

This is another vital role that corporate media clips play in the business world. Some companies have thousands of staff strewn all over the world. Needless to say, trying to get all these people in for a ‘safety training’ session is not only a logistical nightmare but is also a very expensive and time consuming. All this expense and headache can be avoided. If you have a training video geared towards every aspect of the company. From sales methods to safety OH&S and employee conduct. These messages can be easily passed across to your entire corporate structure through email. Top production companies know how to create engaging material that will help your employees understand and retain the message much more effectively. The other advantage here is that digital info can be kept infinitely on a digital cloud. Where employees can get access to this material whenever they feel like they need a refresher at the click of a finger. Not searching for, and dusting off a slightly scratched DVD.

Online Marketing

Good online exposure is essential for brand awareness. Web traffic often sub consciously choose a certain brand over another without realizing it. Just because it ‘feels familiar’. If your company is a medium to large size, your competitors are most likely already taking advantage of video. And getting a greater foot hold of the market.

Having clip media on your company’s website will not only deliver your companies message faster and easier but will also keep visitors on your site longer. Keeping your ‘bounce rate’ percentages low. This is one of Google’s many measuring sticks for website relevancy. If a visitor lands on your webpage and then ‘bounces off’ because they were confronted by a sea of text information, Google may see this and view your website of poor value. Resulting in poor organic search results.

Fast Turnaround, Professional Results

We at WVA pride ourselves on always meeting deadlines. And over-delivering on expectations. Call or email us today for a competitive, hassle free quote today.


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