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Looking for a corporate videographer Sydney-based?

WVA is proud to admit that we have some of the best camera crew Sydney has to offer.
There is an art to capturing great cinematic shots.
Even though most of the magic happens in the editing suite; poor raw footage is hard to resurrect.  So getting the right shots at the right time is key.

By ensuring you have an experienced, competent videographer taking ownership of the shoot, you remove the stress of receiving a luck-lustre end-product.

Choose a corporate videographer that can multi-task

In order to keep your production costs down, it is important that your operator or camera crews are great multi-taskers.

Back in the days of old when camera crew were reserved for TV presentations, there was a different crew member for each aspect of filming… Sound, film, direction, lighting etc.

This dated form of production works fine for big budgets but simply won’t work for small projects.

Nowadays, (for small-scale campaigns) a single operator is able to handle every aspect of the shoot. By proper pre-organisation; a series of takes can be achieved quickly and efficiently – Keeping labour costs down and faster turnaround.

But on the flip-side; we can easily handle bigger productions that require multiple crew members… along with more complex lighting rigs and camera set-up.

Our camera crew are more than just operators

Camera crew at WVA Media is required to have a wide range of experience in all aspects of film production. Because of this; our crew instinctively knows what needs to be shot and how to direct the situation.

You can rest easy knowing that our crew knows exactly what footage is needed for the editing studio. This ensures the location shoot is wrapped-up in a timely manner.

Use your staff members for the shoot

A great way to humanise your business (and cut down on costs) is showcasing your product or service by presenting the video yourself or using your own staff.

We at WVA Media understand that public speaking (to a camera) can be a daunting process.

Even the most confident of people suddenly become nervous when the reality of ‘lights, camera, action’ draws closer. Some people sweat uncontrollably. Some stutter. And some people just draw a blank. This is normal human behaviour.

It’s important to have a videographer who can ease the tension. You need someone who is unable to bring the best out of people, by directing them, comforting them and encouraging them.

Otherwise, the unsettling nerves can snowball and get worse. And this will double the time needed to get an adequate shot. And the raw footage is usually compromised.

But if the operator is a great director – like all our Sydney videographers, then the shoot sails along quickly efficiently… and with a dynamic result. Because of our professional directional skills – a more authentic side to your company is portrayed.

Excellence in all genres

Experience in all genres of video is key.

WVA Media surpasses the industry standard. We also keep up with what is relevant, trending and new. This helps us produce material that people will watch until the end.



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