There’s an App for almost anything and consumers have their phones customised with Apps to suit their lifestyle.

A developer may come up with a great new idea, but if they are lacking in a springboard to launch their new concept, the campaign may take some time to gain traction.

That’s why many developers turn to video to promote their new ventures.

This is especially important if the new App is complex or needs an explanation behind the concept.

As far as Apps go – animation videos are usually the first choice of video style by most developers. It makes sense because animation can showcase features and concepts with limitless possibilities. And it can deliver a message fast – which is crucial for any type of commercial video.

All Apps have one thing in common – They serve to make your life easier or solves a problem.

Recently, Web Videos Australia delivered an explainer video for a return customer with a low budget.

The animation project was for a new App:  “Red Flag Flying”

“Red Flag Flying” is an App that tracks the menstrual cycle of a lads Girlfiend/Mistress/casual hookup.

There are already many menstrual tracking Apps currently on the market. But this tongue-in-cheek version is for Men looking to avoid having a baby – opposed to the other Apps that are designed to help you get pregnant.

The red flag flying App is a more humorous way of younger Men avoiding fatherhood as well knowing when to “be somewhere else” while their lady friend is having her period.

Because this App is targeted to a younger demographic, combined with a humorous touch, it was crucial that the video highlighted who it was meant for – compared to the serious versions of menstruation tracking.

Since App user ratings are extremely important, this video immediately points out who the target market is, and decreases the chances of receiving a bad review from a person who was looking for something that would actually help them conceive.

You don’t need to be promoting a new App to require animation services. WVA tailors animated media for all types of promotion and budgets. Contact us for a hassle free quote today.