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The advantages of marketing with video are tremendous. Starting with spreading higher brand awareness, and ending with higher sales. Video marketing can be applied to a variety of approaches and is ideal for making complex messages easier to digest.

Video advertising has numerous advantages. Among the greatest ones, is that online advertising with video is readily available costing cents per-click. This is incomparable to the astronomical rates for a TV ad slot. Not only that, but an online video ad can be targeted to a specific demographic all while monitoring the viewing data (that can be fine-tuned). Such benefits that TV just isn’t really able to compete with.

With some online video delivering equal punch as TV ads, the playing field has been levelled for small to medium-sized companies looking for greater exposure.

WVA Produces Quality Products

WVA has been in the production business for just over 20 years now. We know what it takes to make high-quality clips that build upon your brand, entertain, but also convert to sales.


Do It Right The First Time Around

There is nothing worse than announcing to the whole world that your business is of mediocre taste and quality through a cheaply produced video. There is a common belief that ‘once something goes online, it has gone into the Ether’. This means that once it is online, you can almost never completely erase it or get it back. If you are going to associate something with your brand name, you better make sure that it is of the highest possible quality. And no matter how refined your brand may become in the future, some of your customers may stumble across that old, poor quality, terribly scripted marketing clip that you produced when you first started your business.

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We are Professional

This is perhaps our strongest quality. Our team of experts have been in the film industry for years. These are individuals who value their craft and know that they are only as good as their last production. With that in mind, they do their best to make sure that every clip they produce is the best they have ever done. Owing to our professional approach to everything we do, our methods are streamlined, straightforward and precise.


We are Creative

Regardless of the kind of content you want to be relayed, there are ways through which projects can be made more engaging. Our creative professionals understand this more than anyone. We understand that it takes a lot to produce a universally acceptable clip that is both entertaining and effective. We also know that it is very easy to ‘cloud’ the intended message just so that the clip can be entertaining. Only an expert knows how to walk that thin line between entertaining and informing – Something good enough to entertain and pass the message across at the same time.

Gold Coast video production has seen a boom in video marketing as of late. Business owners should be thinking of ways through which they can take advantage of this new marketing wave that has so tightly gripped the entire world. If you do not adapt and change, you will be left behind.



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The digital content market atmosphere today demands absolute creativity. If you want to make a name for your brand, then you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to do something viewers haven’t seen before and you need to do it with professional quality.

When it comes to content marketing, very few methods are as effective as film. More and more small businesses are turning to this medium because they have come to realise just how profitable this can be. Even the smallest of businesses with a tiny budget can make a big splash by employing this strategy. That is why everyone is looking for a way to turn this new wave of e-commerce into a profitable venture for their own businesses.