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WVA is proud to claim that we employ several of the nation’s finest.

Having a business video that increases your web branding exposure as well as driving traffic to your site is very advantageous. But it’s also important for broadcasting how your company operates as well as showcasing your unique selling points.

The right kind of video can also humanise an otherwise faceless business. This builds rapport and trust. When trust is gained, the chances of a sales conversion rises.


When it comes to web video, your average clip should not run for much longer than 90 seconds in duration. When your clip edges past this point your ‘view rate’ will have almost completely dried out. Try to broadcast your message as quickly as possible before the viewer clicks off. Ideally a good web clip should be around 30 seconds long. This time frame doesn’t let you fit a great deal of words into your script, so its important to cut to the chase as quickly as you can. So if you find you can’t bring the duration of your script close to the 60 second mark, then you might want to re-think your message.

Consider the fact you might be trying to address too many points for one single clip. Either simplify your script or break your different points or messages into different videos. By making several short clips rather than a singular long one, you are not only making the info easier to digest for your web visitors, but you are also gaining kudos from Google for having rich video content. Thus giving you greater organic search rankings.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Everybody is using video advertising and marketing as an opportunity to net and keep the market place’s interests. Unprecedented data shows that people are most likely to click onto a clip rather than spending the time to read an article or page full of text.



A Lower ‘Bounce Rate’ For Your Website.

The purpose of a web video is to keep your prospects on your site long enough to absorb what you are trying to sell. Video reduces the chances of visitors arriving to your site then quickly ‘bouncing off’.

Google uses many different metrics for measuring relevancy of a website and whether it is fit for a high search ranking. If you would like to see your business on the first page for its related search terms, then you need to keep your ‘bounce rate’ low as possible. Your ‘bounce rate’ is measured by the amount of visitors who ‘bounce off’ your site quickly. The biggest factor that triggers this is an unwelcoming sea of text to wade through in order to find the info the visitor is looking for. By cutting your info into short clips, you are able to simply your site, and make it more appealing for users.

By using a pro videographer Brisbane residents can relate to, you can captivate your audience making them stay on your site longer, indicating to Google your website is of high quality, by keeping you bounce-rate percentage low.

You can measure these types of metrics and many more by using Google webmaster tools.


Directional Videography Brisbane Loves.

If you want to humanize your company by presenting your product or services yourself or by using your employees, then make sure you have an expert videographer Brisbane can relate to.

We all at WVA acknowledge that speaking directly to the camera can be a scary process. When ‘lights, camera, action’ is called, many of the most confident individuals become nervous and begin to stammer. This is happens often but is not a problem because our crew know how to direct in a way that sets people’s minds at ease. Careful, friendly direction smooths out the process and brings the best out of people. On the flipside, rushed and impatient direction will only send morale into a tailspin, resulting in robotic footage and a longer shoot time.

Easily Relay Complex Information.

There are some business messages that are a little too complicated to explain with text alone. You may need an explainer or instructional clip that can be understood by everybody. Your business info that needs to be conveyed may be too complex for text and static images alone. By using a professional producer you can eloquently deliver information that is not only informative but is entertaining and memorable.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Brisbane videographer or happen to be living east side looking for videography Gold Coast way, WVA has Queensland covered.

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