Video Production Melbourne

Video Production Company Melbourne

We produce exceptional quality video at the most competitive rates – we never miss a deadline!

These days; with such a wide range of video genres to choose from, business owners don’t have to worry about breaking the budget for a great website video.

We tailor the shoot to your needs

Depending on what you’re looking for; we’re able to keep your costs to bare-bones using just one camera-operator who can simultaneously be directing while managing the lighting and audio. But if you’re looking for something more substantial, we can have several crew members executing the shoot.

We are flexible with our location shoot packages

Most video producers only offer a full day shoot – regardless if the production can be shot in half a day. They do this to make the production easier for themselves.

But we respect and value your budget – even if it means adding extra pressure on ourselves.

That’s why we offer half-day shoot packages… and if conditions are right; we’re able to offer two-hour shoot packages.

A quality production company offers more than just great videography

Shooting on-location is just the tip of the iceberg. In most cases, animated effects and graphic overlay is required to give a video a unique finish. This type of artistic flair can only be mastered after 1000’s of hours worth of experience.

Some clients prefer the advantages of using a green-screen. This option is great for interview-style videos, as well as conditions where a company needs a customised background.

Or you can choose not to film at all – many of our corporate clients opt for a fully animated video. All you need to do is explain to us in detail your ideas, the objective of the animation and the type of message you want to broadcast.

It’s fine if you know what you want but not sure how to get the message across – we can hold you by the hand and take it step-by-step until you’re happy with the direction we’re taking. Conversely; if you know exactly what you want, we will follow your directive to the tee.

So what kind of end product are you looking for?

You first have to think about

– What kind of genre are you looking for?
– What objective do you want your video to achieve?
– How would you like your message delivered?
– The complexity of your business message (am I trying to cram too much info into one video)

Of course, we can help you decide on the best option to take if you need some guidance. The good news is that a professional producer can help you put these things in perspective.


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Your budget

Your budget will be a factor when discussing your desired outcome – as it is with all video producers. But what sets us apart; is that we’re willing to go the extra mile to make your budget stretch!


At WVA; clear communication is our ethos.

We understand that listening – down to the finest detail is the key to bringing out clients visualisations to life. Once we’re sure we’re on the same page; we discuss ideas and possible improvements, along with added suggestions for the narrative. This foundation of communication is an important formula for success.

Promptly answering emails and phone calls is a given.

Expertise & experience you can trust in

We have been in the visual arts for over 20 years and we have the experience, the expertise and the creativity necessary to produce videos that are not only compelling but are also entertaining, of the highest quality and that convert into sales.