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Corporate Videographer Victoria

We’re proud to that we have some of the country’s best videographers on our team
WVA Melbourne has a talented videography team at-the-ready for your next corporate shoot.

If you already have an in-house editor – no problem! We can shoot anywhere in Melbourne or Victoria, and then deliver the raw footage to your desk on the same day.

We also offer a full corporate video production service with free sales copywriting.


Flexible corporate videography

In order to get the best bang for your buck; you need a videographer that’s flexible…

With an easy going attitude who won’t charge you for a late cancellation fee (because of circumstances out of your control).

You need someone who ‘rolls with the punches’ and won’t get upset when a shoot goes into overtime.

You need a camera operator who is not only willing to work a half-day (most charge a full day minimum)… but is willing to do 2-hour shoots.


We at WVA Media recognize that speaking to a camera can be a challenging process

Even the most confident of people all of a sudden become nervous when the thought of ‘lights, camera, action’ comes closer. Some individuals sweat uncontrollably, some stutter and some people just draw a blank. This is normal human behaviour.

This is why you need a camera operator who has the patience to handle people who are camera-shy. And it’s especially important to have someone who has a likeable personality and that can direct people and make them feel at ease… making the shoot run smoothly.

It’s important to be able to rely on a company that is a good communicator… one that always answers their phone and replies to emails instantly.

You may think that these traits should be ‘a given’… but many videographers are divas who expect you to revolve around their work-flow.

But not the crew at WVA media… with us; you can expect VIP treatment.

We can handle shoots of all sizes

If you need a full team to work in harmony covering a large scale operation; we’ve easily got you covered…

But at the same time; we’re experts at shooting ‘stealth’ with one single operator who handles everything from filming, lighting audio and direction. This is particularly effective for busy environments such as a factory operation, bustling hospitals, or a special event.

Our single-man camera operators are also a favourite for companies with small budgets.

WVA is your team if you’re looking for a last minute shoot

Our team is always on the ready. If your boss drops a bomb on you telling instructing you find a videographer on the double – you can rely on us to jump to the job as if we were expecting it.

Our crew is clean-cut, friendly, approachable and eager to please… which is very odd as far as camera operators go (they’re stereotypically the type you would see at a Metallica concert). This is what makes us perfect for corporate gigs.

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