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A new product without a promotional video is like a skydiver without a parachute – without one; you’re sure to bomb.

With the rise of social media and web traffic’s thirst for video content; any company with a hope of standing out needs to give the people what they want – an engaging video that quickly gets to the point.

Most business owners shy away from the thought of a promo video because it seems like a big investment and a lot of stress.

When in reality; it’s as easy as 123…

Sure; 15 years ago it was a big deal to create a professional video

But nowadays technology has enabled video producers to push the boundaries of the smallest budgets.

Stats show that a vast majority of internet users spend their time watching video… so in order to attract the attention of prospects – this is where companies need to be visible.

One of the best and most effective ways to do that is to use video for your promotions. This spreads your business’s message and brand throughout the net and increases brand awareness.

It’s all about how many potential customers you attract to your website

Video brings clicks to your website. As things stand today, YouTube, which is only second to its mother company, Google, receives well over 4 billion views every single day. A vast percentage of web users video every day (55%). And another huge chunk, 78% watch at least one clip every week.

Improve visitor engagement rates on your website.

A good promotion can bring a lot of visitors to your website. A well-crafted video will keep them on your site longer.

Think about it…we all live a fast-paced life. Most people would rather watch something than read about it.

Do you want to stand a better chance of broadcasting your company’s message across to your targeted audience? Do so by implementing an engaging promo video on your website.

The human mind prefers visual and auditory lessons

People tend to retain more information when they can visualize it. So why would you risk the launch of your promotion with still photos and text?

Easier ways to communicate complex information.

Some information is simply too complex to communicate through text. In fact, static images have a way of complicating matters further. Especially if the narrative requires the reader to imagine for themselves.

Give your audience a greater chance of experiencing your vision for your product launch. Do this using a professional video producer.


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