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There exists a discrepancy in old ad strategies. Where business owners do not believe in promotional video production. A lot of these companies have been thriving and making profits long before the dot-com age came about. They have been doing fine… using TV advertising, print ads, and good old word of mouth. And It’s been working so far.

The problem with this theory is that the world is changing. And unless you change with it, you will be left behind… where your only customers will be people who are in their twilight years.




The modern world gets their info from the internet. In order to attract the attention of prospects – this is where companies need to be visible.  One of the best and most effective ways to do that is to use promotional videos. This spreads your business’s message and brand throughout the net and increases brand awareness.




Online promotional video increases your visibility on the web.

It’s all about how many potential customers you attract to your website. Stats show that a vast majority of internet users spend their time watching video. As things stand today, YouTube, which is only second to its mother company, Google, receives well over 4 billion views every single day. A vast percentage of web users video every day (55%). And another huge chunk, 78% watch at least one clip every week.

Improve visitor engagement rates on your website.

We all live a fast-paced life. The most people in this world would rather watch something than read about it. Do you want to stand a better chance of broadcasting your companies message across to your targeted audience? Do so by implementing an engaging promo video on your website.

The human mind prefers visual and auditory lessons. People tend to retain more information when they can visualize it. What better way to visualize it than to watch it as an entertaining clip? Video media is a much better medium. Just as important as text is to information dissemination.  It gets the job done faster. And in a much more effective manner.

Easier ways to communicate complex information.

Some information is simply too complex to communicate through text. In fact, static images have a way of complicating matters further. Especially if the narrative is vague.

Give your audience a greater chance of understanding what it is you are trying to say. Do this using professional production.

Video tends to bring ideas into life. Your audience immediately inserts itself into the whole proceeding. They also identify themselves with the characters in the clip. This allows viewers to internalize the information being passed across. Especially if your message is packaged in an entertaining and memorable way.


More return visitors.

There are billions of pages of text online today. Chances are that whatever message you are trying to pass across has been typed to death by a million other sites just like yours. This has, in turn, made the online community jaded. You need to find a different way of communicating your sales message. This will make your company stand tall. And differentiate your brand from the rest.

Using video media is one way to ensure that you have customers coming to your site. This is especially true if you are constantly uploading new, more engaging and relevant content.

They are more shareable.

Humourous clips are more shareable than text. But humour isn’t the only way to engage with your audience. Clips that evoke some sort of strong emotion are just as effective. Do this and more people will want to be associated with your brand. This also opens the possibility of consumers sharing it with friends and family.

Web video presents a wonderful avenue for real-time interaction. For both you and your customers.

You can study their comments and immediately tell how effective your clips are.

You can determine the effectiveness of your campaign by how many shares and comments your projects get.

Unlike traditional TV adverts. Where it is almost impossible to tell how effective the advert was.

Online video campaigns are not as expensive as TV ads. This is another major advantage. Neither are they as cumbersome to produce and run as traditional TV adverts. Instead, if you syndicate your content correctly, you can be rest assured that your message will be passed across the net in the most effective way possible. Of course, this is as long as you have a dynamic production company by your side.



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