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There’s a great deal of research that promotes the use of video for teaching.

Most teachers have opted for using this dynamic genre as a tool for assisting their lessons to jaded students.

As it turns out, students are finding the use of educational or instructional videos to be a very unique, entertaining and effective means of learning.

This has sparked a debate as to why this medium is slowly but surely replacing the traditional form of teaching which involves printed material and a chalkboard.

Arguments have been put across that show how video media is much more engaging than a piece of paper or a book. Students have shown to stay focused and actually enjoy their tutorials as well as getting them to listen to the teacher more. This, in turn, helps students learn more and retain what they have been taught.

Instructional video media promotes a more hands-on learning process that not only excites the learners but also keeps them energized and engaged throughout lessons. This is what you want if you’re a teacher.

Through film media, you can engage two important senses – the sense of sight as well as the sense of sound. This is the perfect way to get through to auditory or visual learners.

By adding subtitles to your educational videos, you give your students the option of either listening or reading the intended material.

Through video media, innovative educators have found an effective and engaging medium through which they can deliver the required content in their school curriculum. So, why is film media such as an effective way of content delivery for both schools and businesses?

A very flexible teaching medium.

When it comes to teaching people something, there are always those who take-to lessons faster than others. The slower learners are often left behind because they do not want to hold everyone back nor bother the teacher to repeat him/herself.

With video, the slower learners can get the link or a copy of the presentation and go over it at their own leisure. This ensures that they grasp the concepts that they missed earlier and ensures that they are not left behind.

Another example of how film media can be a very flexible content delivery medium is the ability to pause, rewind, forward and stop proceedings at the touch of a button.

And the more engaging a lesson is the more participation the teacher will get from the students.

This means that everyone will want to debate their point of view. By pausing while these debates are going on and rewinding to reiterate debated points teachers can show students how to argue based on learned facts.

They can also get a good feel for whether or not the students are grasping the intended concept.

Not all training videos are created equal

One thing that needs to be understood is that not all training videos are created equal. When it comes to an instructional video, there are a few aspects that must be observed:

– They need to be clear and concise. The concepts being related through the clip should be explained in the clearest and concise manner so as to avoid confusion.

– Use short clips. You do not want to bore your students to death by showing them 30 minute long instructional presentations. The clips should be short. The best way to do this is to make a short video about each important concept. This way, you get time to discuss it in depth and digest the information before moving to the next.

– They need to be entertaining and of high quality.

The best way to go about this is to find a professional production team like WVA Media that will engage your students while teaching.

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