Professional Quality Corporate Animation | Competitive Rates

WVA Media specialises in animated videos for business. We understand that a corporate animation needs to engage its viewer from the instant it begins while wasting no time delivering its message.

Corporate animation comes in many different forms. In some cases; it can be a green screen shoot with animated effects with graphic overlay. And in other circumstances; we deliver fully customised 2D animated videos.

If your company has strict branding guidelines – no problem! We can easily tailor an animated video that fits with your company’s style and parameters.

Business Animation Sample

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Whiteboard Sample

Whiteboard video’s name is derived from the fact that it looks like an artist has drawn the production out on a whiteboard. It’s a popular style because it spells out the message in pictures without unnecessary variables that may distract the viewer. The eye typically follows the drawing hand as if the message was written. It’s for this reason some companies choose this style – because it captivates the viewer to keep watching.

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Character Animation Sample

Our animated characters are bespoke designed to our clients specifications and branding guidleines.

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Here are just some of the incredible benefits of using business animation on your website:

orange tickDeliver a complex sales message faster

To maximise viewer engagement; a business video shouldnt run much longer than 90 seconds. But sometimes that’s not enough for a complex sales message. That’s where corporate animation comes in… the dynamics of animated video allows us to illustrate a concept that filmed media can’t compete with.

orange tickShowcase your product or service with an eye-catching medium

If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does a video? According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research “Watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading  1.8 million words”. People want to be shown (in the fastest way possible) what you can provide or do… In an age of ever decreasing attention spans, you need video to demonstrate what sets your business apart from the others. And don’t forget that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world!

orange tickPeople prefer to watch than read

Did you know that on average, only 27% of text information gets read? – people have evolved to skim information to make their search quicker.  Think about it…. after a long busy day, what would you rather do – come home and veg out in front of the TV, or focus on reading and retaining a book?

orange tickYour prospects will remember animation easier than text

Your business and branding are more likely to stick in your prospects head more than a text-only website they skimmed through. Not only will your business resonate more with prospective clients, but it will look much more professional.

orange tickAn animated video for your business is more eye-catching

Animated video is guaranteed to spice up even the most boring corporate message. Seconds count. If you’re unable to catch your prospects attention straight out of the gate, then you risk them clicking off your site altogether.

orange tickSelling while you’re asleep

Carefully written sales copy in the form of video can act as a virtual sales clerk – They persuade the viewer in a way written text cannot. Would you buy a car after reading a description or after a demonstration?

orange tickWritten text never goes ‘viral’!

Have you ever heard of an article going viral? People share videos…. and although your homepage video may not be ‘viral’ quality – people will share your video in order to relay a message to friends or family – because they know they are more likely to watch it than read an article.

orange tickVideo creates a deeper engagement

When your customers are connecting with video on your landing page they are spending more time on your site. Did you know Google measures the number of time consumers spends on each website? Google recognises trends of time spent on certain sites and decides that it must be a site of quality – rewarding that site with a better page rank. We all want better PR, right?

orange tickAnimation is what we were brought-up on

As children; we were brought-up on cartoons.  Some of us still love them. Like them or not, we are subconsciously drawn to the dynamic story-telling nature of animation.

orange tickMore Sales

That is the whole name of the game right? Research conducted by Eye View Digital reveals that the use of video on a homepage can increase sales conversions by 86%