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Explainer videos are essential if you have a product or service with a unique selling position

Have you ever heard of the term ‘elevator pitch’? It comes from the concept of sharing an elevator with a VIP who has the power to launch your idea… This means you have a very short time to not only cut to the chase; but to inspire some form of action. Your video is no different. When prospects are browsing your website; your explainer video needs to spicy and to the point.

You only get one chance at a first impression

Statistically, your first impression is your only impression… if your prospect isn’t impressed, or they simply don’t understand, they’ll click off – and move on to one of your competitors.

WVA Media has the copywriting skills combined with the most up-to-date animation effects to make your video not only grab attention but will inspire action.

Added traffic source

Not only can you use your video for showcasing your offer; but you can also use it to generate more visitors by embedding your explainer video on social media sites as well as Youtube.

Animation is usually the go-to medium for this type of video, but in some cases a location shoot or a green screen shoot (or a combination of them all) is recommended.

Info Videos instead of FAQ’s

Let’s face it; people are lazy… it doesn’t matter how concise your FAQ’s are, you can guarantee that people won’t read them – only to bother you with an email with a silly question. With one or several info clips, your customers and prospects are likely to watch the videos first before emailing customer support.

The better you explain your product or service, the more likely your prospects are to buy

When it comes to marketing, you really need to spell everything out – assuming nothing of your customer.  In fact; you should assume your customer has a reading level of 14 year old. It’s for this reason you should remove all the heavy lifting and give people what they want: a quick, informative video.

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