What does your prospective customer know about your business?

If you’re able to confidently answer this question, you are going to have a much easier chance of selling to them.

By knowing this important data, you will be able to concentrate on a specific style of video and will make writing the sales copy easier. And in some cases, will help you with the layout your website.

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So what does your customer already know?

What do your prospects know about you? or about your business? What do they know about their problems… or the problem behind their problems? Do they know about the possible solutions available?

You might be asking yourself – does this really matter?

The reason why all these aspects matter is because it affects your sales angle. By knowing this information beforehand, you are able to tailor the way you talk to your prospects. This information will help you determine which type of sales lead to use. Giving you a much better chance of retaining the prospects interest.

Before video media, there was printed media. Although video and print are vastly different, there are 6 main sales leads have stayed the same. And it all boils down to “customer awareness”

The idea was first written about by copywriting legend Gene Schwartz in his classic book “Breakthrough Advertising“. This book was published in 1966 and still sells on Amazon 2nd hand for over $250 (for obvious reasons).

Without going too deep, Gene explains that everybody will react to your advertising differently depending on what they already know about your product or service beforehand.

There’s no “one size fits all” sales approach to your customers. That is why it’s important to know your target market well.

Schwartz coined a famous customer awareness chart – “The 5 levels of customer awareness”




DIRECT SALES APPROACH                                                                       INDIRECT SALES APPROACH


With this chart in mind, you are able to determine what approach you should use when writing the sales copy for your video.

Back to the original question: What does your prospect already know about your company and its products or services? Where would your main target audience land on this simple graph?

If your brand is a household name or your customer has likely bought from you before then they would land on ‘Most Aware’.

If your prospect hasn’t specifically heard of your brand, but knows there are businesses selling a certain type of product then they would land on ‘Product Aware’

If your target customer has a nagging problem and knows there is some type of product to fix it, then they are ‘Solution Aware’

If your target demographic has a problem or pain point, but doesn’t know there is a solution for it, they fall into the ‘Problem Aware’ category

Then there are those that have a nagging problem they have come to live with and are generally unhappy about it. They land on the ‘Unaware’ category.

You need to ask yourself some questions and do some proper research before deciding where your prospects may fall on the graph.

Remember, which ever level of awareness you choose will affect the sales approach you take with hooking your customer.

Stay tuned on this blog for the next five posts for a more in-depth look at each level of customer awareness, and the different sales approaches they require.