The video thumbnail is probably the most under optimised feature of video, yet it yields the best click-through rates.

What is a video thumbnail? It’s the ‘front page’ or the ‘book cover’ of your video. It’ often the beginning frame that viewers see before they click (or don’t click) of your video.

video thumbnail

We have all heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ – this is because that is exactly what most people do! Well, at least when it comes to marketing. The idea is to implement an attractive beginning video frame so that prospects click and watch rather than your competitor.

If you don’t take the time to add a custom video thumbnail, one is auto chosen for you. Often, it is an ambiguous shot that is usually unappealing to click on.

On the flipside, If you do take the time to customise, then you can create something that sets your video apart from your competitors. There are many angles you can opt for depending on your intended audience.

For example, you could add text to your thumbnail – titling it with an enticing question that relates to the search query your viewer is looking for.

Other marketers will take advantage of the fact that sex sells so they will use a shot of a beautiful person – even something subtly raunchy. If not that, an interesting image that taps into people’s curiosity. At the very least, go through your entire video and choose an interesting frame that you think might seem ‘clickable’.

On top of an enticing video thumbnail, it is important to properly optimise your video title and description with the most highly used keywords. A properly thought-out and keyword optimised title and description will greatly enhance your chances of being found on Youtube, and if a popular video – being found on Google search rankings.

Your keywords are search terms people are typing into the search engines to find what they are looking for.

Google offers a tool that gives you all of the information on keywords you need called the Google ‘keyword planner’. Simply feed into the tool the keywords you think people may be using, and Google will do the rest – offering you a host of similar phrases with the monthly search volume for each one.

Keyword planner tutorial here:

Use your best keywords in the title of your video, and then thread the rest of your keywords into the description of your clip. Make sure to do this in a ‘natural’ way. It is important that everything looks readable.

By implementing these simple strategies, you will notice more clicks and a better engagement rate.

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