Many businesses have employed video content for their website, but seem to get stuck on what else to include once they have created and promoted their sales video.

The mantra for becoming an authority in on the net is: “the more video content the better” – but what kind of video will appeal to the masses?

thinking of content ideas

An excellent way for many businesses to get their video marketing campaign going – as well as generating leads from their Youtube channel is posting “how-to” videos.

The beauty of how-to videos are they can be loosely related to your companies niche

– But at the same time, tied to the use of your product or service. This is not only helpful for the viewer, but it frames your company as an expert, gaining trust with the masses, and increases brand awareness.

A good example of this concept is America’s ‘Home Depot’ making a giant network of how-to videos on home improvement… and guess what? they are showcasing the great deals on each product they use to get the job done they are teaching.

Once you find a great angle on what to teach, you can run with it making as many videos as you can – building a great subscribed Youtube audience, and driving a heap of free traffic back to your website.

You may be reading this post thinking “that’s fine for some companies, but it won’t work for mine.” – Well, you might be surprised how easy it can be stretched.

A company that sells dental products to dentists may create training videos for final year dental students – If you were a dental student using these videos to help you study, do you think they might consider using this company to purchase dental equipment in the future?

Or a business that sells guitar picks and strings could teach lessons on easy to play songs.

A cosmetic company could release videos on the best make-up techniques.

Still not convinced? How about a rubbish dumpster company giving advice on how to make useful things using recycled waste.

Another great reason to create this style of video is that if it’s creative and inspiring enough, it will get shared and embedded giving the video a great chance to ‘go viral’.

You can create these videos yourself using a Go-Pro or an iPhone. All you need to do is follow some simple do-it-yourself Youtube tutorials on basic editing. If you don’t have the time to cut the footage yourself, Google ‘video editing’ and get a professional to do it for you.

The key point to take home is to make sure viewers are aware of what the company is providing them with their information. So be sure to add a nice branded intro, outro, and possibly a company watermark in the corner of the picture plane. And with Youtube, make sure you add clickable annotations.