Here is a behind the scenes peek at what’s involved with a corporate video Sydney – green screen shoot.


Vannessa McCamley (featured) is the founder and general manager for ‘Success Training’. Her company specialises in training, consulting and coaching services. She specialises in training businesses with perfecting their sales and marketing along with better customer service.


Her consulting company helps companies realise their full potential which increases productivity and maximises sales.

Vannessa chose Web Videos Australia to produce a number of videos for her website so she can not only quickly and efficiently showcase her skills and services, but also let prospective clients see the face behind the company and explain in her own words her career achievements and why she is the best consultant for the job.

Because she wanted nine videos with a specific budget and timeframe in mind it was decided that a green screen shoot would fit her needs the most efficiently.

green screen business clips

On top of her product video shoot, she also opted for animated graphics illustrating her company branding.

The first clip was needed for her website homepage outlining an overview of her services and skills.

A further six videos were filmed showcasing her different services. In this case, they are:

Corporate coaching: which offers support in critical decision making, direction, encouragement, information, knowledge, insight, clarity, co-planning and challenging employee thinking.

Consulting: which involves strategising business goals within an actionable plan on a particular time frame.

Presentation skills training: Public speaking is a cornerstone of business communication, therefore employees from all levels need to be aware of best practices.

DISC Profiling System Training: Which is used to – Develop effective managers, supervisors and leaders. Build productive teams. Train a powerful sales force. Improve customer service, and help with change and conflict management.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Aimed at generating a strong awareness with prospective customers – leading to higher sales conversions.

Sales Performance Training: Targeting specific professional selling – Applying a proven formula for significant and sustained performance improvements within sales teams.

The last two videos were customer testimonials (which all service-based websites need)- which are an excellent way of gaining trust with prospective clients by offering social proof of excellence and professionalism.

The beauty of green screen videography is that multiple shots can be done back-to-back which is the most cost savvy method of getting the most out of your camera crew.

Another benefit is the infinite possibilities of background imagery one can choose from. In this case, Vanessa chose to use imagery that matches her company branding.

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