Shooting your own web video if you are an introvert

When most people think of a TV presenter, they think of someone who is beautiful and extroverted. It is often thought that if you don’t fit those qualities then you can’t be a presenter.

Well, first of all, this is untrue… especially for your business web video.

In most cases, people want to see the real people behind the company. A real person is more sincere than a cheesy used car salesman presenter.

Many of us are introverts, but understand that our website needs video – Just because you are introverted doesn’t mean you can’t make you own.

video tips shooting your own web video


Here are some tips to help you get it done easier.

You don’t have to be somebody you aren’t

Just because you see people on television with booming personalities doesn’t mean you have to have one too. It’s OK to be yourself. If you have everything planned prior to the shoot, things will roll along naturally and if certain aspects need a little more spice then you can re-shoot it.

Don’t over criticize yourself

I’ve had a client receive a final cut of their video only to message me back telling me they don’t like their nose.  How do you reply to that? First of all, her nose was fine… But like many people, she was very over critical of herself.

When you are making a video, this is the first thing you need to nip in the bud. I could write a 20-page booklet on why we all need to love and accept the way we look… Instead, you just need to let it go and get on with the job.

If you really hate the idea of presenting, there is the option of simply doing a voice-over.

Shoot only when you feel your best

If you are an introvert, make sure you are in a good mood before shooting. The aim is to get the very best out of you, so don’t do it after you have come home from work or after you have put the kids to bed. Make sure you have given yourself a lot of time so there isn’t any pressures or stress. Even better – buy yourself a flattering outfit as the good feeling you get from it will radiate outwards.

Let go of “I can’t”

If you are an introvert, this process is going to be uncomfortable. But you knew that before you decided to go through with it – you realized it would be good for you. So in order to help yourself grow you need to follow through and push through your perceived limits. Remember, it isn’t live television… you can take as many re-takes as you wish. Just never say “I can’t.”

Buy a Teleprompter

No not the TV grade teleprompter… The iPad or iPhone version.  Just download the app then get yourself the beam splitting glass attachment and you will never have to worry about cue cards or memorizing again. If you are a non-confident speaker, then this little tool is a must.

I admire anyone who is introverted that is pushing past their fears and filming their own video. Just remember that fortune favours the bold.

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