Over the last few weeks in my posts, I have given you the essential videos you need to create for your business website and the exact tools to create them.

When broken down into little chunks, none of it sounded too difficult, right?

Your two main roadblocks are going to be procrastination and apprehension.


filming your own video

You may be procrastinating because you are apprehensive… It can seem daunting, but if you just make your first step, then take baby steps from there as I have outlined, then the rest will take care of itself.

So I’ve given you the recipe and the list of ingredients you need, now it’s time to start cooking!

When you first started learning to cook, you didn’t start out with something complex like a soufflé – You probably tried making toast, or boiling an egg… when that went well, I imagine you graduated to yummier stuff.

What motivated you to make these things? – you were hungry. And when you start to think, “why should I bother making a video for my website”, remind yourself that your business is hungry too and you need to sustain it with video.

Just like your cooking efforts started basic, approach you video efforts the same way. Much like making toast, you only need a toaster and some bread. This is very similar to Testimonial video. All you need is a smartphone and a happy customer.

Once you have those embedded on your site, it’s going to give you more confidence to try something else…  Like boiling an egg you might overcook it and not get the result you wanted… You try again because you’re hungry. The same rings true about the 2nd easiest video – “about me.” If it doesn’t come out too well, have another go!

The key here is to try and keep your momentum going… When trying something more complex, be sure to plan it out first… Don’t try and wing it. Trust me, if you plan it out properly first, it will be quicker in the long run.

If you are not sure how to plan it out, COPY, COPY, COPY! – We are not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Get onto Youtube and have a look at what everybody else is doing. When you see something you like, check how many views it’s had, see what the comments are like, and If it looks like something you could do, steal some parts out of it (don’t’ worry there is no web video police squad). Obviously, I’m not saying directly copy your competitor’s video, but don’t be afraid to act on a cool idea, because it’s similar.

Once you have planned your script, start filming and have some fun… Remember, the camera isn’t going to blow up in your face if you don’t get it right the first time. Tip: Take HEAPS of footage. The more the better (and from different angles). This will give you more options in with editing.

If the idea of editing is the reason for your apprehension, then simply outsource it as I mentioned in my last post.

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