How-to videos on Youtube tap into a stream of traffic looking for a solution to their problem


On my last post, I spoke about the minimum requirement for a successful business video campaign. The first video was about your “about me” page. Now let’s move onto “how-to” videos.

How-to videos are exactly what they sound like… A video that gives how-to advice on a topic you are an expert in.

Where do people go when they are looking to be shown how to do something?  Youtube – the third most popular website in the world. Youtube is a traffic generation resource – It’s a way for new people to find you. If you need more traffic, more exposure, or more lead sources then your business needs to tap into this hub of free promotion.

instructional video


There are very few industries that are not able to give away some handy advice that addresses some sort of pain point. These pain points are often the reason why the prospect is searching in the first place. If you can help that prospect out, then your trust factor as an authority will skyrocket. Chances are that the prospect’s problem is only the tip of the iceberg, and/or it won’t be long before they instinctively return to use your services without bothering to browse anywhere else.

Think about it, what are the chances of someone willfully watching your business videos without any reason? But what if the viewer has just received a bunch of handy info they were searching for… do you think they might be more inclined to browse more of videos now? Of course!

Don’t stress about giving away free secrets or tips. The bottom line is that if your competitors aren’t already doing it, they soon will be. Or, in this age of information, there will be another source that will give the searcher what they are looking for. So rather than letting them find it elsewhere, why don’t you be the one who helps them out and scoring points for being a business that cares?

Always remember to add some call to action (CTA). At the very least get your viewers to “like” your FB or G+ fan page. If you are really savvy, get the prospect to sign up to your mailing list by either clicking your link below or through Youtube annotations (remember you will need to give something else away to get them to sign up).

Before you start thinking about what you can offer, go out and research what people are looking for. The best place to start is finding a common problem people have and are searching for and give them what they want.

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