Did you know you can actually create video without having to do any filming?


There is a quick and cost savvy road you can take for your businesses video campaign – Slideshow Web Videos


Slide shows are not simply a compilation of pictures… They are pictures in motion touched with after effects and narration that gives the viewer the impression of a motion video.


slide show video

All you need to make a slideshow video are a collection of pictures you would like to showcase and a script for the narration. When writing your script, note that roughly 80 words narrates to one minute of video.

If you don’t want to narrate the video yourself, you can hire someone relatively cheaply by using www.fiverr.com A narrator will charge you approximately $1 – $2 a second for their vocal services.

If you are wondering how long your video should be… 30 seconds is ideal, which means your script will be around 50 words long. But don’t worry if yours turns out longer. Let’s just say you are planning a 30-sec video… You will need approx 3 seconds per pan shot – this means you will roughly need 10 pictures.

Slideshow Web Videos is so cheap because it is so easy to plan out yourself… When you do all the easy work yourself, it makes it cheaper when you hire a videographer to put it all together for you. There are two great websites that offer freelancers to do the job at a great price – www.odesk.com and www.elance.com Before you commit to using a freelancer, always check their ratings and comments from past clients first. Also, ask to see other jobs they have done… if you see a style of slideshow you like, ask them to base your video’s style the same. From there you send them the audio of your narration… And wait for your product.

The only problem with these freelancer sites is that they offer little interaction – which means all they want to do is churn it out as quickly as they can and then not hear from you again unless it’s for another job.

If this seems too much to organise yourself, why not let Web Videos Australia produce it for you. We are there to chat extensively about what will match your business’s brand best, and how you want it to look, we will happily re-edit parts should you change your mind about anything and delivering it to you at a price very close to a freelancer.

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