I love to watch movies that are set in the future… It’s entertaining to see how other people perceive the future to look like. It’s even more entertaining to watch OLD movies that are set in the future, but are so old that their “future” is our present – like the movie “Back to the future” starring Michael J Fox.

When you look at their “future” technology, it’s funny to look at their chunky computer screens with fluorescent green text, and you can’t help but compare it to what technology we actually have today with the internet… And what lies ahead for the future…

Do you believe static pictures and text is the future of the internet?

Of course not. Video is already become a common companion to E-commerce and will only become more expected in the marketplace. Multimedia is what television was to radio… Businesses who bury their heads in the sand and ignore this are making it too easy for their competitors to take over.


video marketing campaign

Social media has also become a large part of any company’s internet marketing campaign, and video has found its place as a perfect platform for cheap content distribution.

If you don’t have the budget for a videographer, you can do it yourself! All you have to do is take baby steps.

Start with testimonial videos.

Testimonial videos have to be the easiest yet one of the most effective ways to get started. People react very positively to video testimonials because it’s very hard to fake sincerity. It doesn’t matter how good the quality of the video picture… Just make sure the testimonial is glowing!

Start with Skype recordings or use the video on your smartphone… There is free video editing software that is only a download away – The important thing is that you get started and familiar with this popular medium… There are two reasons for this – Once you see the positive response it has for your business, it will spur you on to make more. Secondly, as you make more, you become more accustomed with making video, and you will hopefully give you the confidence to move onto more challenging projects. Before you know it you will have your own Youtube business channel and your sales conversions are peaking.

Good luck!

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