Split testing part 2


So just a little recap just in case you missed my last post about split testing your website… A/B split testing is where your goal is to find out which changes to your site will increase sales conversions. You do this by duplicating your landing page, making only ONE change to it, and then splitting your web traffic between both to see which one performs better over time. All of this can be done with split testing software. There is a free version called Google content experiments. But if you are really serious I recommend “Optimizely”

The most important thing to remember is that a small collection of data will give you inaccurate results, so don’t draw your conclusion too quickly.

split test your website


Even though your site looks great, you need to understand your website is only as good as you weakest link. You might have your buy button too small, or too far down the page… your sales funnel may be slightly ambiguous and you are having customers abandon their shopping carts. If your car was leaking petrol and costing you more money in fill-ups each week you would want to repair it right? The same goes for your sales funnel – Split testing is a means of finding where your money is leaking from your website.

People don’t realize it, but they make a lot of their buying decisions unconsciously. It only takes the smallest things to tip a sale in your favour. Little things like a different shaped or sized buy button, or a different colour background, or the wording of your sales copy. The smallest differences can make dramatic results to your profits.

The same goes for your business video. If you host your videos with companies like wistia.com they will give you all the stats on the behaviour of your viewers. All the data is there for you – So it’s easy to see where and when people are dropping off, skipping forward or watching until the end. With their easy to understand graphs and other useful data, you are able to see where the faults are so you can amend them. You see, your business video might be really good – a great leading intro, with a powerful close at the end… But somewhere in the middle, there is a part that most people get bored or confused and click off (or your intro could suck, but the rest is great). With the data provided, you can actually pinpoint that moment, fix it, and then run it again to see how it performs.

If you are a serious entrepreneur, and you are not split testing… No matter how profitable your business may be, you have to ask yourself – How much money am I leaving on the table?

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