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Our post production process is generally undertaken in Sydney. But depending on how busy we are, our video editing can be worked on in Brisbane or Melbourne – basically anywhere in Australia.

vido editing production sydney


Quality post-production is a crucial step in a professional and engaging video, but if the first two steps before it are not done right, then the editing process is flawed. To make sure the finished product over-delivers on quality we have to reverse-engineer the process. This means figuring out the length of the video which gives us an approximate number words we can use for the carefully tailored sales copy. From there the planning process comes down to what frames are needed, along with angles and lighting. These elements go together with the right titles, effects, music and timing that match the ‘feel’ of the businesses branding.

From there we have a clear directive on how the shoot will be executed. Our experienced crew take care of those they are filming, taking them by the hand and guiding them patiently throughout the whole process. We specialise in bringing out the best of every situation. We have teleprompters that will guide an under-confident speaker, or you can ad-lib it.

Once all the right footage has been gathered, the editing begins. Many people have the misconception that simply learning how to use video editing software makes them a video editor. This line of thought is the same an assuming by learning the chords of a guitar makes you a great musician. Simply put – there is an art to creating great video.

At Web Videos Australia we are the best at what we do – not only are we technically minded but we are also creatively inspired to deliver the best possible outcome for each and every client.

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