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Why do you need a terrific editor?

Aside from shooting video, editing is the most important part of the whole production process. It is with editing that we begin to see what the final product is going to look like. Various other post production jobs include sound mixing, tilting, track selection, colour grading and so forth. To the non professional, all these points seem like a great deal of busy work. But to a video professional, there are few points as important. You need an editor that produces a video giving your customers and visitors something they will certainly value. And of course having them watch until the end and remembering the message delivered to them.


Lots of people within the industry opt to make use of the word ‘editing’ when talking about  everything that falls under the umbrella of the post production process. Regardless if you are stickler for terminology or not, the truth is, the entire post production process is probably the most important part of the whole endeavour. That’s why, if you don’t have a skilled editing production team, you might record footage of the best quality but still wind up with an awful end result.

As tempting as it may be to dabble in offshore freelance editors, as cheap as they may be, the back and forth process trying to ‘fix’ an ugly outcome will only become cumbersome and expensive in the long run. Leaving you to remember the old phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”. Circumvent this headache by relying on a local pro you can trust.


Equally in other industries, there are others that are better at some things compared to others. There are producers who are savvy and naturally know what to do with a heap of raw footage. They know how to harmonise it all together. And then there are those who have the tech know-how. But don’t have the imagination and the ‘eye’ for creating something that viewers will watch until the end. These types of editors often make the mistake of over-using special effects. This distracts the viewer and spoils the overall feel and message of the video. A lot like a cook that uses every different herb in the spice rack. It all boils down to a person’s degree of imagination and experience. You need an editor who knows what to put in, and what to leave out. And that’s what sets WVA’s video editor Melbourne crew apart from the rest.

Why Is Editing So Essential?

There’s a lot of reasons why editing is an extremely important component of clip production. The one point you need to understand is that your intended result will lead the editing strategy that you will take. That is why experts like us always clearly organise our editing plans before we even start with the whole process. On top of that WVA always makes sure the client and the editor are always on the same page before they start. With the option of minor edits after completion for the best end results.

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A few of these editing objectives often include:

1. The Removal Of Unwanted Footage

There can be many parts of a video that don’t make the whole clip much better. Some footage, if not otherwise snipped out, might actually harm the overall message of the whole project. That’s why you need skilled editors who know what needs to be left in and needs to be cut out. Cutting out footage just because you are trying to fit into a certain run-rime won’t work either.

2. Choosing The Best Footage

Recording involves repeat steps. You need to shoot many different takes of one scene. Only to choose one or two angles for the final product. Editors always wind up with far more footage than is actually needed. They have to scrutinise the best footage to use in the finished product. Its very common for an editor to sift though hours and hours of footage condensing that footage down to 30 minutes of ‘the cream’. From there, tailoring the very best video by boiling it all down to 60 seconds of dynamic entertaining gold. This is a giant aspect of editing. Once more, it has a great deal to do with the producers understanding of the desired message.

3. Develop The Intended Flow

Media clips serve a certain function. To tell a particular story (documentaries, short films etc) or to offer essential details (adverts ,public service announcements, promotions and so on). In either case, the story of the video needs to follow set parameters that stories have followed since books were written. There’s a start, the middle and ending. This is a workable story flow that everybody relates to. The producer has to be certain that the final cut follows these set spec’s and tells the story in a flowing and easy to follow way. Specifically if it’s a marketing clip, the last thing you want to do is puzzle your potential prospects. On top of that, the company’s message has to be delivered in a timely manner making sure its heard before it’s potentially prematurely clicked off by the viewer.

4. Including Special Effects

This is probably the most satisfying of the whole editing process. Skilled producers can make something out of practically anything. Special effects, music, graphics and so forth are all part of a terrific edit. By adding the best effects in your clip at the right time, you can improve the visitors overall experience as well as properly delivering the desired message. This is the part where a top-notch producer can control the viewers feelings. He/she can alter the feel of the clip to offer the intended objectives of the video. They can create excitement, anger, sadness, happiness and anxiety. Through aesthetic effects, mood music and so forth, a skilled producer can have the audience dancing to whatever song they play.
Specialists understand that there are a number of editing techniques entailed and every one of these approaches have their own benefits and negative aspects.

– Audio engineering.
– Linear editing.
– Digital or non-linear editing.
– Live editing.
– Splicing and so on.


Melbourne Post Production Experts

Our video editing Melbourne team knows which techniques to use to get the best final outcome possible. WVA has been in this business for just over 20 years now. Suffice to say, we have seen it and done it all. Through stringent A/B split testing and staying ahead of the curve with different production trends, we have a fantastic performance history of providing nothing but the best result possible. When it concerns editing, and production as a whole, we employ the best; the most gifted staff who have a remarkable understanding of the technological elements associated in this industry. But likewise possesses the required imagination to visualise and deliver a final product that lives up to expectations. And always delivers on time. This is what makes Web Videos Australia the best in the business.

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