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Its easy to see that the actual filming part is important. But the right effects mixed with expertly placed and arranged footage is what makes a great clip. A great editor can make something great out of lousy raw footage. But just because you have great footage doesn’t automatically mean you will have a great clip.

The term ‘editing’ is thrown around as a term for the whole post production process. Although an editor mostly sorts through endless reels of footage to put together something that tells a story, there is more to the whole project that the editor has to keep in mind. Such as choosing and timing the right music track and harmonising the story line. Al while delivering the video’s message in the most easy to understand way.


People think that producing video is just a matter of neatly trimming up footage. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s just some aspects an editor has to keep in mind when producing a great video clip.

Carefully Removing Un-Needed Footage

Even the best raw footage is unrefined. It takes a great amount of good judgement to decide what stays and what ends up on ‘the editing room floor’. This can be challenging when the clip has to fit within a strict timeline.



Developing An Engaging Flow

In order to broadcast a certain message, the story needs to fit into a workable story flow. One that viewers can relate to. The story needs to fit seamlessly within the narrative so the clip not only engages but also informs. This is a crucial aspect of cutting footage. If the message misses its mark the whole project is a failure.

A Perfect Amount Of Visual Effects

Special effects are a lot like herbs and spices. If you use too much, the dish is spoiled. This is just the same for great editing. By knowing exactly what to put in, and what to leave out are the makings of a dynamic video.

Editing specialists understand that there are a number of production techniques entailed and every one of these approaches have their own benefits and negative aspects. From:

– Linear editing
– Audio Engineering
– Live editing
– Splicing and so on

Video editing Brisbane and Gold Coast

Our editing team knows which techniques to use to get the best final outcome possible. WVA has been in this business for just over 2 decades. Suffice to say, we have seen it and done it all. We have a fantastic performance history of providing nothing but the best result possible. When it concerns cutting footage, and production as a whole, we employ the best. Our talented staff not only have a remarkable understanding of the technological elements associated in this industry, but likewise possess the needed imagination to visualise and deliver a final product that lives up to expectations.


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