OK, so you have read my previous post outlining the huge benefits iPhone videography can give your website. And how easy it is to create your own videos using all the different accessories and Apps.

Remember from my most recent post that you don’t need to be overly critical of your footage. As video blog content can be a lot more casual.

Video blogs (or vlogs) that target certain keywords get more social interaction. This indicates to Google and Youtube that your website is of quality. These signals give you better search rankings.

So what type of content you should be shooting?

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A great start is your ‘about us’ video.

This is your easiest video. This is because you can confidently convey your businesses best attributes in a sincere way. You can also shoot a video like this solo… re-shooting as many takes as you need. This type of clip is very easy to edit too.

On-the-spot testimonial videos.

Whenever you meet a customer who personally thanks or congratulates you for your product or service, ask them if they would mind saying it to the camera. These types of testimonials have a real sense of authenticity to them. And a great way to build trust with future prospective customers. When you find someone willing to give you a video review, be mindful of your backdrop and background noise – background noise can be a problem if you are solely relying on your phones internal microphone. And most importantly make sure your shot is not backlit

Vox Pop

A vox pop is where you ask random people simple questions that can be rolled into one video.

If your product or service has a unique selling position that people generally prefer, then you can take a vox pop framing your question to receive the type of answer you want. A vox pop can be used for product demos, food tasting, or multiple choice questions.

Once you have enough footage, you can cut it on the spot with an editing App like iMovie. Be sure to favour the best answers or reactions and pillowing the rest out with choppy frames of the less exciting shots. From there you can upload and syndicate to your social media sites.

Be sure to take the details of your best subjects so you can send them the finished clip. They will likely post it on their social media sites giving you more exposure.

Choose a loosely relates topic

Many website owners think that vlog content needs to be directly related to the websites main topic. But if you stick to that mindset you will quickly run out of material. A good example of vlogging about a loosely related topic is an online language school. Let’s say they teach Japanese. Usually, they post videos on learning Japanese. But for a vlog topic they could create a video asking the different Japanese teachers what they love most about Japan.

When you post a vlog like this on social media, people are likely to chime in mentioning the things they like about Japan too. Or even better, an online discussion ignites. Social interaction like this is what search engines love.

Get creative about what you vlog about. Remember, practice makes perfect. After a while, you will have gained the skills to shoot some quality sales material.

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