My last blog post was about iphoneography and the options for video accessories.

Its benefits were outlined an how it can be used as a cheaper alternative to traditional video production.

If you know some insider pointers, you are able to create some top quality video. But the main point to understand is that even if the production quality isn’t great, it will still be fine for blog (or vlog) content.

edit on your phone


Some great footage that isn’t a good fit for your sales page may get far more interaction on Youtube. As long as you are linking back to your site from that YT video – you are receiving social signals that benefit your search engine rankings.

While on the topic of search rankings; having plenty of video content is good for your websites quality score. Video content is an indicator to the search engines that your site is serious about providing great content – more than just text and photos.

So before you start vlogging, learn some basic technical details.

The more memory the better.

Shooting in HD or 4k chews up memory. So before you do anything, do an audit of all your Apps you have. Unless you use something all the time, delete it. You can always re-download if you need to later down the track. Back up all your photos and videos (and make copies of your backups). Be ruthless with your music too – as long as you still have it on your computer you’ll be fine.

A good measuring stick to go by is trying to free up around 10 gigs of data. This will give you roughly sixty minutes of 1080 HD video.

Important settings.

Be sure to switch your phone to airplane mode to make sure your phone doesn’t go off in the middle of a shoot – because you know it will go off right in the middle of that perfect moment.

Another to remember is to switch your phone from ‘auto lock’ to ‘never’. By doing this, it won’t lock up on you whenever it its left idle.

If you happen to be using an older iPhone model, remember to tap your screen to allow you the full 16 by 9 wide screen view. By doing this you’ll be able to see precisely what you are shooting on your screen and will be able to frame your shots better.

Editing Apps

The key to a great looking video is the videographers knowledge of their editing software.

Once you learn and master all the features you have at your fingertips you will not only be creating better videos, but you will get faster at churning them out.

Editing Apps seem to be getting better and better at an exponential rate. Most allow you to edit and upload to Youtube on the spot and rival many free desktop versions. by the time this blog is posted a newer, better version will be out – so be sure to do a little homework on the most popular before you commit to learning all its features.

Start off with shooting content for your blog. Before you know it, you will have a sound understanding of your editing software and will be ready to shoot video for your landing page.

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