Anybody can get into iPhoneography

The picture quality of iPhone video just gets better and better.

This means you have no excuses for producing your own video content for your website or particularly your blog.

With the older iPhone models already sporting HD quality video, and the new 6S models delivering a beautiful 4K video pixel (3840 by 2160) at 30 fps – picture quality is as good as a DLSR camera (what the pro’s are using).

But its optical image stabilization (only 6S models) is what makes all the difference. A shaky frame is a novice videographers biggest problem. Usually the only solution to this is a glide-cam adapter. But now with iPhone’s image stabilization, this problem is fixed. And if you have a particularly steady hand, then you have a perfect glide-cam effect.

Get set for the age of iPhone-ography.

With iphone video quality now the norm, companies like Manfrotto who produce professional video equipment, have come out with iPhone videography accessories. So instead of lugging around giant heavy bags of camera gear, you can now carry a very miniature version of equipment that fits nicely in a hand bag.

Manfrotto have come up with a sleek iPhone case that everything attaches to. This lets you attach any accessory you need, quickly and easily. Letting you capture a great moment that would have otherwise been lost.


With 4 different lenses to choose from, they click on with ease: Fisheye, Portrait 1.5X, 3X, and wide angle. Obviously, this is where the DLSR camera is the clear winner. But do you realise how heavy professional lenses are? – four pro lenses weigh nothing less than 8KG. The iPhone lenses are made of aluminium and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass, weighing next to nothing, and all of them fit easily in the palm of your hand.

iPhone lenses


Good videography usually requires lighting. Manfrotto’s range of compact LED lights clip on easily – making filming at night a breeze. I particularly like their smallest version – with 60° beam angle and luminance of 225 lumens, its perfect for portrait video and is also reversible for professional looking selfie shots.

iPhoneography LED

Tripod (or monopod).

What I really like is the universal tripod mounting. The Manfrotto iPhone case has a screw mounting that fits all tripods (not just their own). So you can either use their handy compact tri or monopod version, or use one you already own.

Surprisingly, the only thing missing from their accessory options is the external microphone (which is needed). But this is a small plug-in device that can easily be found

external mic

As phone technology moves forward, you will see more and more videographers opting to leave their heavy gear at home, and instead using the lightweight savvy alternative.

With the freedom of being able to whip out your phone and quickly attaching its accessories, savvy internet marketers can produce great content at a moment’s notice. And with new editing apps, you can even edit the footage and upload it to your blog on the spot.