When It comes to video production & the costs involved, it can be tempting to consider a cheaper alternative from a overseas freelancer.

Freelancers from countries with a weaker currency than ours definitely have their place. They are perfect for small specific niche jobs. These jobs span far and wide – if there is a demand for a certain task, there will be an abundance of outsourcers ready to do the job for you.

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But much like opting for cosmetic surgery in Thailand or India to save money – do so at your own risk.

As far as minimising risk is involved, it is recommended to keep your outsourcing to small jobs. That way if you are unhappy with the result, you have not lost too much money time and energy.

First thing you need to understand is that some countries have a much better work ethic than others. I personally rate the Philippines as the most honest and reliable. I usually won’t even consider any other country (other than developed countries) unless the outsourcer has been otherwise recommended by a friend or colleague.

All freelancer websites have a rating system much like ebay where candidates are given stars and testimonials. Beware that these rating systems have loopholes that are exploited with fake reviews. Some are easier to spot than others, so be sure to double check the feedback and look for a bunch of reviews that have been posted all on the same day or closely around a certain date. Many testimonials with bad English is another giveaway that their friends and family have added some feedback to make their service look more attractive.

Others have been known to withhold a service or won’t deliver on-time until you first give them 5 stars.

The main point to remember is that you need to spend some time looking for the right candidate.

There are two ways of looking. Either browsing for specialists and contacting freelancers individually, or posting a job on the noticeboard of the freelancer website provider.

Posting a job for candidates to apply for is the fastest, but you will get inundated with applications from candidates who didn’t even bother to look at the job criteria (meaning they will take a shot at anything, even if they don’t know how to do it properly). To avoid these people, be sure to state in the job application they MUST apply for the job using a specific phrase in the email title… it can be anything like: ‘jobseeker123’ or ‘blue monkey’ or ‘I’ve read the job description’. That way, when you are sorting through the sea of applications, you can instantly see who has taken the time to read the job description, and who hasn’t – letting you instantly delete three quarters of them.

You usually get what you pay for. So don’t be disappointed if a 1000 word article you commissioned for $3 isn’t up to standard. However if you are paying $10 or more, then don’t be afraid to send it back to be amended.

As far as creating a video goes, unless a freelancer comes recommended, you will definitely end up disappointed. From my experience, freelancers are able to take explicit instructions, but lack being able to follow their own initiative. A great video producer possesses a lot of personal creativity and intuition that makes a video dynamic and watchable. So unless you are producing the video yourself and only need help with specific areas you can’t do yourself – I wouldn’t recommend hiring someone to do a video from start to finish. Even if you think you are able to explain in detail what you want.

My only advice for outsourced video media production, if you willing to risk it – stick to freelancers from developed countries like the US or the UK.

By employing those from developed countries, you will most probably get a great end result. The only trouble is that you will save little on the final product (especially with today’s bad Aussie dollar). But you also lose any recourse on a bad experience. Unlike using an Australian producer.

By all means, take advantage of the great services overseas freelancers offer, but beware of the pro’s and con’s. When it comes to outsourced videos, the old saying “pay cheap, pay twice” often rings true.

At the end of the day you are not buying a video – you are buying web traffic, public exposure and potential leads. This is the purpose of a sales video. If you would prefer a smooth and easy experience with a final product that will do its intended job with laser targeted precision, then contact www.webvideosaustralia.com.au for a no-hassle quote.