What seems as a few years ago, video viewing on mobile devices were at a percentage in the single digits. But these days over half of Youtube views and sixty-five percent of Facebook views come from mobile phones or tablets. Thus, changing corporate video production strategies.

Apart from the fact that these statistics should jolt you into action making sure your website is mobile friendly, internet marketers need to reconsider their campaign strategies to make sure it fits well with mobile devices.

It’s not hard to guess which demographic is the driving factor behind these stats. It’s all about millennials. And knowing your demographic will help you determine what approach to take with marketing to them. As time goes by, mobile viewing will only rise higher, and as millennials grow older, they will be a major chunk of targeted spenders.

With ever increasing phone data limits, better quality smartphones and faster loading time, video viewing on Youtube has skyrocketed.

With Youtube videos being treated like watching television, marketers have sprung to Youtube advertising. This was boosted with the fact that Youtube pay per click is far cheaper than traditional Google PPC.

YT advertising came to a peak when a study was conducted revealing that mobile device users were almost one and a half times more likely to watch a video ad compared to those watching on a laptop or desktop.

ad blocking system changing corporate video production


Not long after these results were released, the outlook became cloudy when Apple decided to support the use of advertising blockers with the release of their new iOS 9. With Android phones expected to follow suit, marketers will be forced to re-evaluate their video marketing strategies.

This problem is spelling the end for the direct sales approach for Youtube advertising. Instead, marketers will be forced to offer great content with real value if they want prospects to intentionally search and click on their videos.

These types of videos will need to come in the form of product demonstrations, or information videos that answer highly searched for questions. Another great genre is native advertising where a viewer doesn’t even realise they are watching and ad until the hook has captivated them well and truly. This medium, if done properly is most likely to go viral – which is a video marketers dream.

Don’t fret, these alternatives to the direct sales approach generate good organic clicks if the title and description are optimised properly with highly searched for keywords.

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