Promotional videos are more than just sales content for your website

When promoting a product or service, the idea of a “promotion” is to get as much exposure as possible.

Before the dawn of the internet, the pinnacle of promotion was television. Although TV is still a great medium for exposure, it’s lead gen capabilities don’t compare with web video.

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Why? Because when you are watching television, you are not typically surfing the net on the same device. There are no links the TV viewer can click-to on an impulse. And if the show has been recorded, then the ad’s get skipped over.

Television commercials are always shoved in the viewer’s face in between their favourite show. When the ad’s start, it’s usually a cue to go to the toilet or to make a cup of tea. TV ads are not targeted. However, with web video, you can laser target exact prospective demographics using Youtube’s ad services. The beauty of Youtube’s ads is that if the viewer doesn’t want to watch, they can skip it – with no cost to the promoter.

Another drawback to TV commercials is the only valuable airtime is primetime. Who can afford primetime television?

So people with a smaller budget looked at radio. But radio comes with the same drawbacks as TV… And with the popularity of music sharing platforms, radio is dying a slow death.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, promo web vids are the best way to get longer lasting exposure, increased brand awareness and higher customer trust. Even if you only choose to host a video on Youtube for the free hosting – you will still get organic views. And if your company is proactive with their brand promotion, you will likely get a lot of free youtube exposure.

Youtube is a visual search engine. People use it for everyday questions and also to check out reviews for products or services. If you are promoting something these days, consumers have come to expect to find it there.

Promo web video takes the visual factor of television and combines it with the carefully structured scripting of radio. With proper syndication of a multitude of social media, you can achieve a far wider reach of people for a longer period of time.

With social media, your promotional video lingers… and it doesn’t cost you anything. Unlike a short stint on the airwaves for a paid period of time.

If you make sure your promo clips are engaging and informative, people will actually watch them to the end… and that’s the whole goal, right? So always make sure you are keeping it interesting. Do this and Youtube will reward you with better search rankings.