The magic of animation can explain even the most complex messages.

Do you have a product or service that feels like its difficult to explain to the masses?

animated videos

Does the idea of wrapping up the message in a short video that not only informs but also entertains feel like an impossible task?

You are not alone. There are many services and products that are complex by nature, yet all video producers will tell you that a long business video is one that won’t be watched until the end.

Well after you watch this video, you will feel differently – then you will realise that you definitely need an animation video.


Animated video has a different dimension and far fewer boundaries than regular video. It is able to illustrate and compress difficult concepts in a metaphoric fashion that normal video can’t compete with. It is also able to strip away distracting unnecessary background imagery that would otherwise dilute the focal point of what is being put forward to the viewer.

Animated storytelling also taps into the child within us – We all watched cartoons as children, and the stories always resonated with us. This principle alone will buy extra view time with the general audiences. Regardless if the storyline hits the mark properly.

It is also done in an entertaining manner that keeps audiences intrigued to watch until the end.

Are you familiar with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity? Do you understand it? Well, this year marks the anniversary of his idea first thought of 100 years ago.

If ever there was a difficult theory to convey – it would have to be describing ‘Spacetime’.

Yet in the 3-minute video, using rather simple illustrations, the concept is driven home in a very understandable manner. Proving that even the most complicated messages can be not only informative but entertaining.

Usually, 3 minutes would be regarded as twice the recommended play time, but in this circumstance, since it is an intriguing concept that a lot of people are curious about finally understanding – coupled with cute characters, the rule can be easily broken.

When you watch the clip, be sure to pay attention to exactly how simple the illustrations actually are. Yet its minimalistic approach works perfectly.

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