With a staggering 300 hours’ worth of video being uploaded to Youtube every minute, savvy business owners realize they need every advantage they can get when trying to get their video to stand out from the crowd. Animation or ‘after effects’ is a professional way to achieve a fresher look as well as using attention grabbing graphics that hold a viewers attention for their business video

More and more business owners realize Youtube is an incredibly powerful lead generation website, and because of this businesses are taking advantage of the wide range of recording and presenting options to showcase their products and services and making their own videos.

I am a personally an advocate for making your own company video, but I only encourage this for Mum and Dad businesses who can’t afford the costs of a professional videographer.

Corporations with even a meagre budget can achieve a much more polished and professional look when animation effects are added. Of course, there is a fine line between too little and too much when applying these features. Many inexperienced video producers struggle to get a handle on this concept so they saturate the video to the point where the viewer misses the message the video is trying to convey. It is very similar to a cook who was too overzealous with seasoning – The result is an unpalatable dish you don’t want to consume. Because the goal of corporate video is for the viewer to consume and digest the message we are broadcasting, your video producer must be an expert in adding the perfect combination of effects.

Corporations looking for video production should be looking for a videographer who is savvy with “after effects.” Animation video must be a strong aspect in their arsenal of capabilities and not something they outsource. The reasoning behind this is the overall visualization of the final product in the video producers mind will always be different to what the outsourced freelancer is thinking. The result is a mash-up of what the producer and freelancer were able to agree on. In some cases, an unprofessional videographer will use a cheap freelancer and accept a poor result because they don’t want to dip into their profits.

When you choose the right video creator who is confident with animation effects, you will reap the rewards by having your video watched until the end… and possibly shared or re-embedded on other platforms.
It is naïve to think just because you made a video, prospects will watch it till the end. High bounce rates with business clips are a very common occurrence so make sure prospects watch long enough to get them to take action and choose your company.

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