Vlogging – how does it compare to Blogging?

If you didn’t already know, a vlog is the same as a blog – A video blog.

Vlogging takes a lot more effort than blogging. But in comparison to blogging, it is incredibly more powerful. Why? – Because people prefer to watch video a lot more than reading.


As I type this, I realize readers are probably wondering why this post isn’t a vlog – I do make vlogs from time to time… but for now, I mix it up between vlog and blog posts to save on time.

Daily vlogging isn’t for everybody (myself included). Not because you need a lot of confidence, but because there is only so much I can share without running out of material. Daily vlogging is ideal for people who have an immense amount of information to share and possibly information that has a short shelf life or is difficult to teach or instruct using text only.

You don’t have to be charismatic to be a vlogger. All you need is information that people want. If you are able to deliver it in a digestible fashion, no-one will care about your minimalist production value or nervous delivery.

The benefits of regular vlogging are immense. First of all, video is Google’s favourite type of content, if its algorithm sees steady engagement with viewers, not only will your channel get a lot more exposure, but Google will also favour your website with greater search engine rankings (provided you embed the videos on your website too).

This will be compounded with the surge in traffic your site will receive from viewers clicking on your links and annotations you have on all your videos.

What formats are there to choose from? – There are 3 main ways to deliver a vlog. Each different style is dependent on what type of industry you are in.

– “Talking head” is where you are speaking directly to the camera.

– Interview vlogs where you interview one or more participants where the viewer is included as a participant.

– Screen capture vlogs are where you narrate and operate your screen guiding the viewer through a computer process.
My advice to anybody thinking of vlogging is to keep it short and simple at the start then expand to more complex things once you have more confidence and experience.

If you can vlog at least once a week, you will have an incredible lead generation advantage over your competitors. So if you are looking for fast exposure, give it a try!

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