Opt-in page video, or sometimes called a squeeze page video, is a video that accompanies your opt-in page and helps sway your viewer to take action and add their email details to subscribe to your mailing list



opt-in video

I have personally written posts in the past about the importance of gathering leads via an opt-in box. Being able to capture some of the traffic that’s slipping through your fingers proves very profitable – that’s why all successful online marketers do it! – Let’s face it, the chances of a prospect landing on your site and buying on the spot are low… but if you send them a “promotional offer” a few days later, you have got a much better chance of converting that sale!

The trouble is most marketers only rely on a fancy headline above their lead capture to try and seduce the browser into subscribing. This doesn’t always have the highest strike rate… but adding a video to the mix definitely drives up those conversions!

It is still important to keep that punchy headline to grab attention, but make sure it draws some curiosity for the browser to click on your video.
What to say about your video? Keep it simple but make sure you state who you are, what you are giving to the viewer, why it’s such an incredible giveaway, and what they need to do to get it (subscribe).

The give-away is ALWAYS something digital… a free report, a free video series, or even some good PLR.

What’s PLR? It’s an acronym for Public Licensing Rights. If you Google “PLR” you will find websites with full libraries of ebooks you can download and give away as your own. Some of these sites are free but the content is usually rubbish so it’s better to pay for access to quality (when you pay you are allowed to rename the ebook as your own – even as the author). It is extremely important you read the ebook first to see if its worthy of your customers… don’t give away garbage.

Keep the video simple… So simple you won’t need to edit. Just be sure to communicate the value and benefits of your giveaway and start building that list!

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