Here are five different business videos your website needs if you only plan on doing the bare minimum


A lot of business owners need to get over the idea of one day making a business video. There are two problems with that sentence…“a” and “one day”. Let’s address “a” – This implies you are only going to employ ONE video… combined with the phrase “one day” means that you will probably never get around to it, and if you do its going to be embedded once and forgotten about.

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In some cases, one video can do the job (if meticulously tested), but in reality, you will need multiple videos. There are in fact 5 different types of video that you need if you want to make an impact with your video marketing campaign.

Let’s start with the easiest first.

About me.

It’s great to start with this because it’s a topic you know best – Yourself and your business. When someone is checking out your site and they see your “about me” page, what do you think would be more appealing to land on – A boring sea of text or a personal video?

Instead of having a 1000 word essay on the history of your business, you have a great opportunity to bring your story to life. With video, the viewer is more likely to connect with you on a deeper level by seeing something that text can’t give you… sincerity and human expression.

By humanizing your story viewers are more likely to engage with the rest of your videos because they feel like they know you more personally.

If you have been wondering about video for your business for a while but have procrastinated till now because you didn’t know where to start, well here is your chance.

So get out a pen and paper and write down who you are, what your business does for your customers and why you are passionate about what you do. It’s really important to drive home why you are passionate about your business… this is where people can read your sincerity. This builds trust. And when people trust you, they buy from you.

If you are a little shy about having the camera on you the whole time, you can break it up with some video testimonials. This will stack trust even more.

Stay tuned for what you need to do for video #2.

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