So you have decided to produce your own business video. But now you’re not sure how long the clip should be and you don’t know where to start or how to write the script


Here are some great guidelines to follow.

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First of all, before you start writing, ask yourself – how long is your video going to be? You need to keep in mind that because of the short attention span of people these days it is safe to keep your video 2 minutes or under in order to get your message heard (this is not a concrete rule). It’s important to know that 80 words takes a minute to narrate (roughly).  So if you are making a 2-minute video, you will need to cut to the chase within 160- 200 words. Now that isn’t a lot of words… So you will have to take your time carefully constructing a script that fits in exactly what you want to say. Get to the point quickly. Convey your most important messages first and make the first sentences as captivating as possible. Be sure to write at least 3 different copies of the script and then boil the best aspects together for the final product. Most importantly, don’t forget to add a ‘call to action’ – this means tell them to do something! “contact us for a no-obligation quote” “like us on Facebook” “subscribe to our Youtube channel” “like us on Google Plus” “ Buy our product now with this special coupon code” the call to action and the intro to your video are incredibly important aspects that many fail to recognise.

When planning your shoot be mindful of your lighting. Natural lighting is great, but make sure your shot is not ‘backlit’ – this means the light source is shining from behind the person being filmed. The result will be a shadowy figure with a glaring background. It’s important to test out how the lighting looks first in film before committing to a lengthy shoot – loading the footage to your PC only to realize the footage is useless.

Always test your microphone. Once again, the thought of coming home from a successful shoot only to discover the microphone wasn’t working properly is what nightmares are made of.

Many newbies to videography think that shooting their video in one sequence will make the editing process quicker. But the irony is that nailing a successful all-in-one video sequence perfectly will take a lot more time in re-shoots than the editing process. The best practice is to take a number of shots in different angles. It is better to realize you have too much footage than too little.

Depending on the editing software you are using, go to Youtube and watch as many training videos as you can. Use the tips you learn but don’t go overboard with filters and effects. There is an art to knowing where to use these tools for greatest effects so it is good practice to follow the “less is more” mindset.

Despite your best efforts – a professional grade video for the homepage of your site will give your business a professional look. If you live in Australia, look no further than Web Videos Australia to deliver a high-end quality video at the most competitive price. We have crew posted throughout Australia so we can reach you at a moments notice.

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