In my last post I talked about opt-in boxes and how list building can give you that profit breakthrough your business needs. Now it’s time to incorporate video to make it even more effective


By using video, you are able to collect leads from browsers who are not even on your site!


opt-in boxes video capture

To recap on “lead capturing” – it is the process of collecting email addresses to use for email marketing. Before you scream spam, let me explain… If you were looking for a solution to a problem on the net, let’s say pet care. You found some great free info that fixed your problem, and then picked up some more useful info in exchange for your email address… do you think there is a chance you would buy off that vendor if it was something you needed? – whether you would or not, businesses are doing this and are making big money because of it. No, you don’t have to be in the business of pet care to capitalize on email marketing… It works for so many different business niches; you just have to figure out your prospects pain points.

The standard way of capturing leads is from visitors who stumble on your site. But with video, you can use Youtube to collect leads.

Leads do not only come in the form of an email address… They are equally effective as a page “like” on FB and can be monetized using a shopping cart on your business page or through promoted posts.

How do you do it?

Create a “how-to” video that alleviates a pain point. Something beneficial that builds trust with the viewer.

Instead of giving the tip directly on the video, ask the viewer about their pain point, and say that all will be revealed when they click on the link below so you can email them the video or PDF to download.

Or you could create a channel with loads of helpful advice with a prompt to click on the link below for a discount coupon or to join a newsletter…

Another option is to make use of the annotations tool and have pop up banners promote your offers within your videos or have them simply urging viewers for a “G+1” (Google+ like). You can set these annotations up to be clickable, straight to your lead capture page. And if someone re-posts your video, or even better, embeds your video on their site, then you have lead capture pages throughout the net.

The whole idea is to try and capture leads in places other than your own website. Use video and cast your net much wider and further.

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