If you aren’t already capturing leads from your website via an opt-in box, then you are missing out on a vast amount of potential profits


example of an opt-in box or sometimes called a lead-capture box

opt-in box image

Chances are if somebody stumbles onto your site and doesn’t purchase or act on your offer at that moment in time– then they probably won’t be back.

That means you get one chance to convert that prospect.

If you aren’t actively trying to capture that lead, then your website’s sales funnel better be damn good – In nearly all cases websites funnels aren’t. So rather than trying to split test for that perfect funnel… It is much easier and profitable to set up a lead capture box.

Think of it like this… If you had to throw a dart at a dartboard and hit the bulls-eye to collect your prize, would you rather only get one shot at it? – or multiple shots? Multiple! Of course!

That is what lead capture is all about. Getting multiple shots to try and hit that sale.

How do you get someone to willfully give you their email address?

Offer to give them some valuable information that is centred on a pain point. For example, if you owned a sofa showroom, you could offer on your site a downloadable PDF on how to get red wine stains out of your upholstery or how to get pet smells out… Or if you are a singing coach, offer some free prerecorded beginner videos.

Whatever you do, make sure your offer is quality, downloadable and the prospect will find it useful. This builds trust. And when people trust you, they will be far more willing to buy from you.

So what do you do with these email addresses as they come in?

You set up an autoresponder. Before you freak out… It’s not difficult at all.

An autoresponder is software that sends out automatic sales emails while you sleep. All you have to do is pre-write the email sequence… set then forget! There are many options you can use – the most popular ones with marketers: Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Aweber…

When you sign up with them, they show you how to design your own custom lead capture box (opt-in box) that fits the branding of your site. Then they give you a code that you plug into your webpage. From there, all you have to do is write the sales copy for your email sequence.
An autoresponder can be set to service a list for years or weeks… It’s up to you. If you are just starting out, I recommend 2 – 3 emails a week for a month.

Tip: It is wise to send your prospect an offer within a week while they still remember your brand.

Will some people un-subscribe straight away? Absolutely! But you will still scoop up a lot of customers who were recently browsing, but are now ready to buy.

If you think opt-in boxes aren’t for your business, you are either lazy or naïve.

This form of marketing is extremely powerful and is guaranteed to boost profits. All you need is that piece of bait to get them to sign on (make sure it’s something downloadable – not physical)

In my next post, I will outline what you can do to use video to capture these leads. Stay tuned!

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