All too often we see ads on TV that would have been produced relatively easily. No stunning animation, or big budget set – just a simple but effective message that addresses a person’s wants or needs (a good example of this are budget insurance advertisements)


Unfortunately, all too often companies pay far too much for these ads to be produced.

The reason some companies pay such a high price is because of television industry pricing standards. The actors they use are in a union as well as managed by an agent, the camera crew are unionized as well, and only operate one particular aspect of the filming process each. This is directed – then produced by closely guiding an editor. Do you see how many different individuals need to be paid their high wages?

wasting budget dollar

This method for creating video is out of date -, especially for non-complex projects. With advancements in technology, many of the middlemen in video production have become obsolete.

Because of these advancements, things have become cheaper and easier to operate… meaning more multitasking, less stress and effort with better results.

Unfortunately, many ex-television pro’s are branching out to internet video production and bringing with them their old-fashioned techniques and incredibly high fees.

It is easy for a business owner to fall into the trap of paying these outrageous fee’s believing they will get the best quality… Although they will get a good video, it will be nothing short of what a seasoned web videographer could produce – at a fraction of the price.

How do you avoid paying too much for your next business video? First of all, find out how many crew members will be required to make the video that’s being quoted. Hint – the fewer people needed should keep your costs lower. Many resourceful video production companies are able to produce a video with as little as two people… one person for filming and one for editing. In some cases, a videographer will shoot and edit the video all by themselves.  You can imagine the differences between quotes of an ex-tv producer and a video producer who works and thinks more efficiently.

Make sure your quotes costs have been broken down and itemized so you are able to notice unnecessarily high charges and ask them to explain.

Web Videos Australia always strives to keep costs as low as possible whilst delivering the highest quality videos. Request a quote with us today.

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