Did you know an estimated 300+ hours’ worth of video is being uploaded to Youtube every 60 seconds? If you add that up that’s 12 and a half days of constant video! – Every minute!
That’s a giant influx compared to last year’s impressive 100+ hours per min


youtube graph

Apart from the fact that Youtube is a great platform for free hosting, it is also a great opportunity for businesses to gain free exposure provided their video is engaging.

So how do you make an engaging video?

The easiest way to create a video that people will want to watch is giving the viewer some free advice or how-to tips on something that people are searching for… For example, if you are a carpenter wanting more visibility on the net for handyman work, why not make a video teaching viewers how to fix something for themselves… You may be thinking “why would I give a tutorial on something I want to charge to do myself? – Good question, this will be answered shortly.

This method of marketing helps you in many ways.

Firstly, If the video is especially helpful, it will get a lot of views(from all over the world, so you are not missing out on those business opportunities), not only that, but people will watch till the end – Google and Youtube measures the engagement on this and will reward you in search rankings over videos that aren’t as watchable.

Also, if people share or embed that video, Google/Youtube will reward you again in the SERPS.

If you get plenty of views and interaction, people will see you as an “authority” and will choose your services over others.

If you tag your video with the correct keywords and details in your description box, then your video is much more likely to find its way to local viewers in your area – Many people will see your video on how-to-do-something, then realize that they don’t have the time or tools to do it themselves… So what do they do? They call the phone number you have included in the description box.

The biggest benefit I am trying to point out is by making yourself out as an expert by giving away heaps of free advice, people will recognize your brand more, share your content, and most importantly trust you as an authority. When people trust you, they buy from you.