We have been going through the list of the five most important videos your business needs and we are now onto number 4: Your sales video

Many people freak out over the sales video because they realize if it isn’t done right, it won’t convert into sales. But in reality, if you have done all the other videos right, i.e.: give them incredibly valuable content, subscribed them to your list, shared your passion in what you do and why you do it, then it’s a no-brainer they will take the next logical step and invest in your business. Why? Because you have invested in them.

Business owners who think that a single sales video is all they need for their website will have to spend a lot of time and money split testing their video sales copy and analyzing the viewing data to try and squeeze those extra sales.


sales video

If you decide to go this route then make sure you buy yourself some good how-to copywriting books and get studying because there is a fine art to a sales video if you haven’t already built up trust. As a videographer I offer scriptwriting as part of my service, I write great copy, but I am no expert in copywriting. If you are using a video producer to create a sales video for you without the added supporting videos you need, then do not expect the producer to automatically know how to write killer copy. There truly is an art to executing the perfect string of words in the least amount of time in order to trigger a sale – But if you have all the supporting videos I recommend, then you do not have to worry about this at all!

Here are a few tips for your sales video: Make sure the video is no longer than 2 minutes (the shorter the better). Include a clear call to action – ask the viewer to do something such as call for a quote, “like” us on Facebook etc… The first 15 seconds are the most important, if your video isn’t interesting enough, the viewer will bounce – so try to make it engaging.

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